A Taste of Brazil

Get your friends together to try a timeless and celebratory Brazilian-themed cook out! From traditional seafood stew to a creamy dessert made with the nation's favourite tipple, Cachaça, we've got some mouth-watering recipes that will put a spring in your step

A Taste of Brazil

The World Cup was hosted in 2014 in Brazil – the spiritual home of football, Samba, Bossa Nova and one of the most talented teams the world has ever seen! This event in particular, however, shone a light on the country; Brazilians are full of passion, music runs through their veins and Brazilian food is just as varied and interesting as the differing cultures and nationalities that make Brazil so unique.

Why not host your own inspired party  in honour of O Jogo Bonito (the Beautiful Game) and try out some of the nation’s best loved dishes: Pão de queijo (cheese bread), Casquinha de Siri (Stuffed crab shells), Bolinho de Bacalhau (Salt cod fritters), Feijoada (black beans with mixed meats) Chicken Bobó (Brazilian Chicken Stew), Moqueca (seafood stew), Brigadeiros (traditional chocolate confection) and lime Cachaça cream.

A Brazilian party is not truly Brazilian without the signature national drink –  the caipirinha made with the simplest of ingredients: Cachaça, a little sugar (or sugar cane syrup), plenty of lime and ice.

Here are two of our most popular recipes taken from the World Food Brazil show – Seafood Moqueca and Lime and Cachaça Syllabub.


Get the full recipe for Seafood Moqueca here and watch it being made below:


Get the recipe for the perfect Caipirinha and Lime & Cachaça Syllabub here and watch the preparation below.

Zaynin Kanji