Canyoning in the Tux Valley, Austria

Trek Essentialsimage: Zay Harding gets ready for some serious climbing

Where: Vorderlanersbach in the Tux Valley, Austria
Best season: Best done in the warmer spring and summer months, avoiding the harshness and difficulty of ice and deep snow, not to mention freezing water.
Best Sights: Passing underneath waterfalls and over precipices, dangling by ropes.
Remember to bring: A good helmet, and necessary equipment such as caribeaneers, ropes and hooks for hand and foot grips. Waterproof clothing is also needed.
Watch Out For: Possible vertigo and slippery passageways.

Our Journey Path (As Featured in Treks in a Wild World)

Start our journey at the bottom of steep mountains and ascend to a good mid way point to begin the canyoning, There are several routes that can be taken, but going over water and negotiating steep crevices provides the biggest adrenaline rush. Zay Harding and his guide Roman Erlerclimb through valleys and over waterfalls, having some pretty hairy experiences along the way. The climbing and judging distances, as well as hoisting your weight up along the way can prove to be very strenuous and extremely tiring as our presenter learns. You should be in peak physical condition for the climb, and remember to pace yourself as you will be participating for several hours.


- The rush that comes from conquering the steep cliffs and precipices
- Seeing breathtaking views
- Enduring the considerable physical strain of the trek.

Travellers Tips

Canyoning is a dangerous sport and you should never attempt to do it without a highly experienced guide to assist you throughout. You should always be attached to a safety rope for safety. A goodcardiovascular workout, concentrating on the upper body, is particularly recommended for this sport.

Did You Know?

Canyoning is a relatively new sport that is just beginning to acquire a devoted following, It is similar to rock climbing, but can include hiking, swimming, and diving.

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