Climbing in the Alps

Trek Essentials

image: the Colosseum

A cross on the slopes of the Matterhorn, commemorating climbers who never made it to the top

Where: Italian Domoties and Matterhorn regions of the Alps
Best season: June or September are warm but not too hot months to attempt the climbs
Best sights: ‘iron ways’ iron ladder ropes let you attempt breathtaking sheer rock climbs
Remember to bring: Professional rock climbing equipment and a guide
Watch out for: the steep drop


In Best Treks, Holly Morris explores two areas of the Alps, incorporating several different trekking adventures: the Italian Dolomites, a rock climbers heaven, and the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

Holly starts off in the Via Ferratae, Italy’s famous ‘iron ways’, a series of iron ladders and ropes that link some of the most spectacular rock climbing faces in the world. She scrambles across exposed two foot wide ledges with thousand feet drops and climbs up one hundred foot ladders to the higher elevations that even mountain goats cannot reach.

Holly then heads across the Alps to Zermatt, Switzerland to climb the most awesome looking mountain in Europe – the Matterhorn. This is one of Holly’s most personal missions. It requires a great deal of stamina and endurance as she uses every ounce of strength to get to the top.


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