Destination of the Month: Fiji

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Destination of the Month: Fiji

The Pacific Islands boast an intriguing mix of people, religion and cultures encompassing 13 island nations and a population of just over 6 million. The exact number of islands is almost incomprehensible: Fiji alone comprises over 300.

The warm waters around many of the islands make for some of the best diving in the world with beautiful coral reefs teeming with aquatic life and the occasional second world war shipwreck to explore. Inland, you can trek through lush tropical rainforests or visit bubbling active volcanoes.

Many traditional cultures and practices such as ‘shell money’ or ‘kava drinking’ have survived in various forms to the present day. Some such as cannibalism and headhunting have long since disappeared, but the stories and legends live on.

The people of the Pacific Islands are welcoming and friendly – perhaps even the most friendly in the world – and if you are travelling with kids, there is nothing quite like a Fijian nanny!

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Fire warriors at sunset. Fiji

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