Destination Of The Month: Italy

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Destination Of The Month: Italy

It was once said of Italy that it makes you cry twice: once when you see it and once when you leave. Its boot-shaped peninsula dangles from the heart of Western Europe, and it’s a country full of surprises and contradictions with more than enough to keep the average traveller entertained. From ancient splendours, exquisite art and quiet rustic charm, to the frantic bustle of its thriving cities like Rome and Milan with their trend setting fashions and gourmet treats, Italy has something for everyone.

Although a relatively young nation, each region has own distinct flavour, culture and cuisine that serves to make travelling through the country a delight. Whether it’s skiing in the breathtaking Dolomites, partying or romancing in Venice, shopping till you drop in Milan or Rome, or relaxing on the breathtaking Amalfi and Riviera coasts, Italy is sure to win your heart.

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