Destination of the Month: Japan

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Destination of the Month: Japan

Japan is made up of over 3000 islands along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Here you can experience the natural extremes of typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, within mesmerising scenes of snow-capped mountains, deep lakes and lush greenery. The added bonus? Japan also offers the most visually stunning and serene golf landscapes in the world.

Japan is a land of extremities, blending old traditions with visions of the future, often side-by-side. The enigma of Japanese culture, traditions and manners is often the polar opposite of Western behaviour  – which can confuse the humble westerner and lead to many “Lost in Translation” moments.

Blend with the crowds among the futuristic, efficient and sanitised worlds of Tokyo and Osaka; scale the majestic heights of Mt Fuji; take in an ancient tea ceremony or kabuki theatre show; or just enjoy the rural tranquility the countryside offers. From ancient Shinto shrines to futuristic skyscrapers, from sumo wrestling to sushi, Japan will peel back your eyelids and astound you.

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