Destination of the Month: Argentina

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Destination of the Month: Argentina

The Flag of Argentina consists of three horizontal stripes equal in width and colored light blue, white and light blue, with the Sun of May in the center of the middle white stripe. The flag was designed by Manuel Belgrano in 1812; it was adopted as a national symbol on 20 July 1816.

Argentina is often type cast in the minds of travellers as the home to Evita, the tango and the gaucho, an expensive facsimile of a European nation in the southern hemisphere. But travellers who explore beyond the country’s classic icons will stumble upon some of the most stunning scenery in South America and get a chance to soak up some serious culture.

Argentina is a massive South American nation with terrains encompassing Andes mountains, glacial lakes and Pampas grassland, the traditional grazing ground of its famed beef cattle, and famed for tango dance and music. Its buzzing cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires, is centered on the Plaza de Mayo, lined with stately 19th-century buildings including Casa Rosada, the iconic, balconied presidential palace.

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