Vietnamese refugees at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, during the late 1970s

Altered States: The Vietnamese Diaspora

The Vietnamese diaspora has a population of 4 million people, over half of whom live in the United States.

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Altered States: The Chinese Diaspora

As the most populous country in the world, it is of little surprise that China has one of the largest diasporas on the planet.

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Altered States: The Japanese Diaspora

The Japanese diaspora has a very rich and unique history despite being a very recent phenomenon.

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Altered States: The Armenian Diaspora

Armenia has been a country which has long been contested by a number of larger powers such as the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire. As a result, the...

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Historic Filipinotown sign

Altered States: The Filipino Diaspora

The Filipino diaspora is one of the largest and most spread-out in the world. Indeed,it is estimated to consist of over 10 million people, 10% of the...

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Altered States: The Thai Diaspora

The Thai diaspora is estimated to account for around 1.1 million people across the world.

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Altered States: The Jewish Diaspora

The history of the Jewish diaspora stretches back thousands of years and remains a contentious and culturally significant issue.

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Max Amini - Persian American Stand Up Comedian -- Amsterdam, May 2015. Photo by Persian Dutch Network

Altered States: The Iranian Diaspora

The Persian diaspora currently numbers at around 4.5 million people around the world.

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Episode Insider: Travelling in the 70s

Have you seen our series Travelling in the 70s? Read on for an insider's guide to our journey, including tips and tricks we learnt along the way.

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Historic Walks: Washington – Fight For...

The USA’s capital teems with iconic monuments, vast museums, and the sense that many struggles of power and freedom have been fought in its buildings and...

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