Bazaar: Mexico Shopping Guide

For shoppers, there is an embarrassment of riches here, ranging from the bustling high streets of Mexico City to one-of-a-kind local craftsmen throughout the...

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Bazaar: Lisbon Shopping Guide

Known for its pleasant climate, distinct architecture and thriving nightlife, Lisbon is also a great city for artisan shopping.

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Bazaar: Istanbul Shopping Guide

Istanbul is well-known for its many mosques and bustling markets. Indeed, it is one of the world’s most unique and interesting shopping cities by some...

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Bazaar: Zanzibar Shopping Guide

Zanzibar is known for its distinct colonial buildings, natural beauty and bustling markets. It is particularly known for its spice industry, which draws...

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Great Explorers: Arctic

Arctic exploration has existed for millennia but gained renewed prominence following the onset of the Age of Discovery.

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Great Explorers: The Americas

Oddly enough, the colonisation of the Americas occurred almost by accident, with the majority of these voyages motivated by the desire to seek an alternative...

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Heinrich Barth approaching Timbuktu on September 7th 1853 as depicted by Martin Bernatz

Great Explorers: Africa

A number of eager explorers from all over the world became drawn to Africa in the 19th Century, enticed by its untapped potential, with their exploits...

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Marrakech: The City of Love & Water

To immerse yourself in the culture of Marrakech, take a dip into the city’s legacy of innovation when it comes to supplying itself with water.

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Great Explorers: Asia

Asia very much represented the first frontier of European exploration due to both its geographical proximity and the fact that it was the only other similarly...

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Great Explorers: Pacific

European exploration of the Pacific Ocean was non-existent until the early 16th Century as Portuguese traders thrived on its western edges.

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