Hot spring hopping in midwinter, Tohkum Region, Japan

Top Ten Destinations in 2017…Part Two

Wondering where in the world to wander next? Or daydreaming of exotic landscapes? Part 2 of our Top Ten destination guide for 2017 has plenty of wondrous...

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Palace Square backed by the General Staff arch and building, as the main square of the Russian Empire it was the setting of many events of historic significance

Top Ten Destinations in 2017…Part One

Wondering where your next voyage will take you? Contemplating which cultural capital to explore? Look no further, our Top Ten Destinations for 2017 will...

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Study Guide: The Lost World of Joseph Banks

Sir Joseph Banks, naturalist, explorer, collector, patron and President of the Royal Society for more than 40 years was one of Australia’s founding fathers....

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Top Ten African Adventures

We’ve travelled all across Africa – to Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Madagascar, South Africa, Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, and Cape Verde – in search of...

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Angel_falls_in_Venezuela CC

Top 10 South American Adventures

We have travelled all across South America, to Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil – in search of the continent’s...

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PROJECT MOKEn, Burma, Myanmar

Sea Nomads of Myanmar: The Monken

Outside the west coast of Burma is a vast archipelago few people have ever heard of consisting of approximately a thousand islands called The Mergui (Myeik)

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Birdman of Bognor Regis

Weirder and wonderful festivals of the UK

The UK has a well deserved reputation for throwing some of the finest festivals; from the infamous Glastonbury, to the Secret Garden Party, the countryside...

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S. A. Andrée's balloon before takeoff on July 11, 1897.

Explorers of the Arctic

Apart from a rich wildlife, Spitsbergen has also played a very important role in the history of Arctic exploration, and at various places on the islands it’s...

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Polar bear

Polar Bears of Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is one of the best places in the world to see polar bears. According to tourist legend, there are more polar bears than people on Spitsbergen,...

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A guide to: Moroccan Food

The Moroccans are very proud of their food and the sharing of meals is an integral part of the culinary experience and the foundation of the Moroccan way of...

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