Martin Luther K Monument

WOW: What’s On Where In January

In January there’s a whole heap of discoveries to be made around the world, from ancient Christian festivities in Ethiopia to Australia Day in the land...

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Christmas market in Piazza Fiera in Trento, a historic city in northern Italy.

12 Best Places To See Christmas Lights

The holiday season is upon us, and cities around the world have begun stringing up millions of lights into breathtaking festive displays.

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Adventure Travel in Brazil

One of the great things about Brazil is its reputation for being a place of endless adventure. There are countless places to explore, all beautiful but also...

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Portuguese Castles of the Moors

The Moors from North Africa were great castle builders and the fortifications they erected after their invasion of the Iberian peninsula are among the best...

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A Guide To Germany’s Christmas Markets

The start of the festive season is soon upon us and where better to indulge in seasonal cheer than at a traditional German Christmas Market.

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The Pole of Cold: The Coldest Inhabited Place on...

The so-called ‘Pole of Cold’ in Yakutia is officially the coldest inhabited place on Earth. Surprisingly it’s significantly colder than even the North...

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The Looting of Mayan Ruins in Uaxactun

Following the exit of Wrigleys chewing gum from their forests, villagers of Uaxactun and elsewhere had to turn to other sources of income between the 1960s and...

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Japan’s historic past: 3 sites you must...

Here are three sites worth visiting on an historic journey through Japan's past, one of the world’s most unique and diverse ancient cultures.

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N.Tab.2005.(12) p.19

The significance of the Russo-Japanese War of...

Few people other than specialist historians know about the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, but despite this it’s a claimant to be one of the most...

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Catherine Palace: The ongoing mystery of the...

The spectacular Amber Room in the exquisite Catherine Palace near St Petersburg is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable single rooms anywhere in the world.

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