Along the Spice Trail

The Egyptians mummified their dead with cumin, the Chinese burnt cloves to commune with the spirit world, and some medieval Europeans believed nutmeg was the...

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Bristol Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, spanning the picturesque Avon Gorge, is the symbol of the city of Bristol. For almost 150 years this Grade I listed structure...

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Kangra Valley Railway to Dharamsala

The Kangra Valley Railway to Dharamsala crosses extremely difficult mountain terrain, involving the bridging of ravines, crosses over 993 bridges, runs through...

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Hawaii plantations

Kona Coast Coffee

Hawaii is only the state in America where coffee is grown and harvested, and it’s an excellent (yet expensive) coffee indeed. The Kona coffee belt (also...

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Iolani Palace

Study Guide: Establishing the Hawaiian Kingdom,...

Io is the Hawaiian hawk, a bird that flies higher than all the rest, and loni means royal or exalted, so it literally translates to Iolani = royal hawk.

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Hikiau heiau

Captain Cook and Kealakekua Bay, Big Island

The story of Captain Cook’s landing and death is both a monumental and a fatal chapter in the history of Hawaii...

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nepalese railway

The Tricky Tracks of Friendship: India and Nepal

Running between Jaynagar in India and Janakpur in Nepal is the Janakpur Railway. Although it crosses the Nepalese-Indian border and 4 of the 6 trains were...

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Study Guide: The Russian Tsars

Tsar is a title used to designate certain European Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers. As a system of government in the Tsardom of Russia and Russian Empire, it...

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Bejing - China

Study Guide: The Chinese Revolution

The Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949 was the culmination of decades of simmering tension and conflict. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who would...

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Battle of Trenton

Study Guide: Russian Revolution, A Brief...

The Russian Revolution was arguably the most significant turning point in the region’s history. It saw centuries of repression under the autocratic rule of...

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