Travel in Tahiti


We start our journey on the legendary island of Bora Bora before flying to Tahiti. Then we go on to the wild and inaccessible Austral islands, the largest of which is Tubuai. From there we fly another 800 miles north to visit the pearl farm on Rangiroa atoll before flying west to independent Samoa. After a stopover in Moorea we end our journey back in Tahiti at the top of Mount Aorai.


By Goelettes
Bora Bora is actually made up of a lot of tiny little islands called ‘motu’ and the only way to get there is is via a goelettes, which is like like a water taxis. Because it is the only transport they charge what they want and prices can be up to 40 dollars a trip.

By Bus
If you have got time to kill, the local bus it is a good way to get around and bus culture is indicative of the Samoan way of life. It’s a family vibe and a social occassion, but don’t think you’ll be sticking to any kind of timetable if you travel by bus. If the bus is full you could end up sitting on someone’s lap! The bus stops at everyone’s house, including the driver’s if he fancies a visit home or a stop for lunch.

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