Situated between the Kalahari desert and the South Atlantic on South Africa’s west coast, Namibia is rich in natural beauty, resources and boasts a diverse range of cultures and habitats. There are great opportunities in store for bushwalking, exploring European influenced African cities, and strolling along isolated ragged coastlines. Its population is a tiny 1.7 million, that’s less than one person per square mile, many of which are concentrated in the capital of Windhoek, so there’s plenty of room to spread out.


Namibia by Rui Ornelas Flickr Creative Commons


Although very dry, much of Namibia made up of desert coastal plains, dunes and bush. It is sunny all year round, with the rainy season falling from December to March, although there is much natural beauty to be seen then.



Namibia is made up of 11 ethnic groups, a mixture of African, and some European and Afrikaners.


English and Afrikaans are the official languages, though tribal languages are widely spoken.



Namibian Dollar ($N)

10 N$ = 1$ US.


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