Bad Roads and Blue sinks

bad roads and blue sinks

After harrowing night drive over large mountain pass with bleary-eyed Kyrgyz driver who warned us against it (“roads bad!”), we arrived to no hotel.   Exhausted at 1 a.m. in a murky little border town that services trucks coming from China and heading West roughly along the same network of trade routes as the old Silk Road.  A grim situation I think you’d agree,  as we all silently contemplated a night in the bus. Finally, we found the Sunrise Guesthouse, and got a cot, and dropped unconscious.

I find that these shoots are filled with emotional and physical troughs and peaks….and sure enough the next morning we swing up.

Way up.

Awake to a stunning view of high-altitude peaks of China, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. Do unusual opening piece to camera for show in front of a little blue outdoor sink… with China in the background.

Silk Road road trip part 2 begins!


Holly Morris