Day two in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

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Hi Trekkers,

So we started out our Silk Road Journey tracing the goods that come over the border from China and end up for sale at the Karasu market, in Osh, Kyrgyzstan – a major trading hub in the region these days (and days of yore).  Traders from all over the region – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc, – come here to buy goods and then sell them, for a better price, further along the Silk Road route.

The closer you get to Europe the higher the price. We also filmed at the ‘bazaar’ and ‘horse market’ and learned about the ‘Celestial Horses’ a breed apart and so coveted by the ancient Chinese they were  indeed, around the time of Christ, a harbinger of the Silk Road. “We want those horses”! they said…”let the trading begin”!

Well that’s all to simplify a massive and fascinating story, but what better way to fill wee, wakefull, jet-legged hours so familiar to me on these early days of shoots. The call to prayer is lilting over the distance out my window. A welcome friend on this lonely morning…


Holly Morris