Globe Trekker in Poland

Globe Trekker in Poland

It’s 20 years in the making, but Globe Trekker has finally visited Poland to make the first full one hour show about  a country that is maybe not (yet!) on top of the world’s travel destinations.


The travel route took presenter, Megan McCormick, and crew from the south-western border with the Czech Republic to the border with Belarus, where Megan enjoyed the last stretches of the journey in a kayak paddling along the Augustow Canal with formidable guide, Agnieszka Zyzalo.

Dwarf hunting in Wroclaw, amber fishing at the Baltic sea shore, Malbork Castle, the educational park in Kashuby, Wolf’s Lair and Czermna Skull Chapel were as much part of the program, as were a healthy number of Polish food and vodka tastings!

A whirlwind stop at the Blow Up Hall 5050 and a fantastic day with the Polish Hussaria made it a trip to remember… most of it is down to the kind and super efficient support of the Polish Film Commission in Warsaw and in Wroclaw, as well as dedicated individuals such as Malbork curator Marek Stokowski, amber artist Zbigniew Strzelcyk, Andrzej Dawidowski and the ever so brilliant Jaroslaw Struczynski from Gniew Castle… thank you all!

Behind the scenes of Globe Trekker in Poland…

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