Globe Trekker is in Japan!

Globe Trekker is in Japan!

We have just finished filming another brand new Globe Trekker episode and this time we are in Central Japan with Megan McCormick.

We have explored Kyoto, Osaka, Iga-Ueno, followed Samurai Warriors in battle, trained with Ninjas at a famous fighting school, learned how to play traditional Japanese drums, transformed into a Geisha and have been transported into the future with sci-fi cars and robots!

Here are some snaps from our trip!

In Nagoya, home of Toyota, which has teams of engineers dreaming up new inventions.  Company planners believe that one-person vehicles are the wave of the future.  This is the i-Unit, one of Toyota’s latest inventions.



In Osaka, one of Japan’s many very crowded cities, in a Cat Café.  There are quite a lot of these in the city (and elsewhere in Japan) designed to satisfy the ‘pet needs’ of the many Japanese people who live in apartment blocks where it is forbidden for residents to keep pets (so that they don’t annoy or disturb the neighbours – Japan being a society where people are always worrying about what other people think, putting society before self).



In Kyoto, at the Toei Movie Studio Theme Park, is the cheapest place in Kyoto where you can get dressed up as a Geisha




Megan enters a Ninja contest near Iga-Ueno (in Koga) in which people can indulge the popular Japanese fantasy of being a Ninja for the day.  Around 100 contestants took part.  Some take it seriously, but most are in it just for a bit of Sunday afternoon fun!



Sado island is the home of the world-famous traditional Japanese drumming group Kodo.  The former schoolhouse in Iwakubi houses 20 or so apprentices who spend two years living and practising in the hope of being accepted into the group at the end of two years training.