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Globe Trekker Goes to Switzerland!

Chocolates, watches, cheese, famous physicists and beautiful Alpine scenery.  It can only mean one thing!  We are back on the road again and this time we are filming another brand new Globe Trekker episode with Brianna Barnes in…Switzerland!

We’ve got heaps of stories for you fans, from the Alpine Beard festival, the crazy Reideralp cow-pat festival, St Bernard dogs, all-year skiing in Zermatt, Alpine hikes, underground mountain vaults, rare timepieces and the theory of relativity – all packed into one exciting episode.  Not forgetting those quirky things that make the Swiss so memorable.  For instance, did you know owning a gnome is illegal in Zurich and if you try to mow your lawn after 10pm you could face jail time?

So keep you’re eyes peeled for more updates from the Globe Trekker team on the road!

Going up in the cable car over the Swiss Alps with Brianna Barnes Photo: Simon Buck

The View from the Cable Car Photo: Simon Buck


The winners of this year’s Alpine Beard Festival 2013

The competition was pretty fierce this year!

Hanging out with Charlie Chaplin

On top of the world at Interlaeken

The pretty town of Gruyère – home to the famous cheese.

The Swiss are crazy about timepieces. They even made a floral one!

Cern, Switzerland. Being a physicist for the day

Daisy…Daisy…how does your garden grow…?

…By throwing shit all over the mountain. Quite literally at the Reideralp Cow Pat Festival! Photo: Simon Buck

You can still ski in the Swiss Alps in summertime – luckily, the Swiss Mountain Rescue team are still on hand to offer assistance!

The Mighty Matterhorn

On the Thomas Cook hiking trail

Found a few Mountain Goats…

…Found a couple more!

Hiking must have been pretty uncomfortable in the Victorian Days. This is how Thomas Cook would have looked taking his group around the Alps!

Filming inside a Swiss Bank vault in Zurich

He who holds the keys to the bank vault….