Globe Trekker New On DVD

Globe Trekker New On DVD

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Globe Trekker Switzerland 

Switzerland Globe Trekker on DVD

Join Brianna Barnes in Switzerland! Explore the pristine beauty, rich history, and fascinating people of this small yet vastly intriguing destination.

Brianna’s exciting Swiss journey begins in French-speaking Geneva. Travelling by train to the lakeside town of Vevey, she visits Charlie Chaplin’s house and enjoys locally made Swiss wine. From the alpine village of Riederalp, she then hikes the grueling Gemmi Pass before heading to Interlaken where she enrolls in a local dramatic performance and revels in the inspiring landscape.

She then travels to the medieval capital Bern, and to Lake Lucerne, where she is guided around a top secret military fortress. Heading back to the Alps, Brianna visits Devil’s Bridge, the major obstacle to crossing the Alps at the Gotthard Pass, and takes the Glacier Express from Andermatt to Chur.

From Chur she travels to the Swiss capital Zurich, and ends her journey in pastoral Appenzell, where yodeling farmers lead their cattle down from alpine pastures, signifying the end of summer. —Buy it here


Globe Trekker Central Japan

centraljapan-3Join Megan McCormick on a journey of discovery across Japan’s spectacular heartland!

Starting in Japan’s beautiful former capital Kyoto, Megan immerses herself in the culture of this island nation. She explores Buddhist temples, World Heritage Sites, and bargains at the city’s best flea market. She then learns the art of Zen meditation and visits the Gion district, home to many of Kyoto’s few hundred remaining Geisha.

She then travels by train to bustling Osaka, and Iga-Ueno, a former ninja stronghold, where she partakes in a “ninja for a day” contest and learns the secrets of these famously skilled assailants. Continuing by train through the Japanese Alps, and by ferry to the remote Sado Island, Megan embraces unique traditions, stunning landscapes, and tasty street food. Finally, in Himeji, she witnesses a dramatic fighting festival, involving a ‘battle’ between heavy portable shrines carried by local villagers in loincloths. —Buy it here


Globe Trekker: World War 1 The Western Front

worldwar1-3Join Zay Harding in this Globe Trekker special as he travels across Northern France and Belgium, visiting key World War 1 locations on the Western Front.

Zay’s journey begins in the town of Meaux, 25 miles from Paris. He then travels to the illuminatingConfrecourt quarries, where French troops took shelter as battles raged on above them.

Zay visits some of the most significant battle sites of the Great War, including Verdun andFromelles.

Outside of Paris, he witnesses an exhilarating air show featuring World War 1 planes. Finally, at Mons in Belgium, Zay visits the poignant St. Symphorien cemetery, where some of the last of the 10 million soldiers to die in the war are buried. —Buy it here



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