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En route from Istanbul, Turkey, to Bishtek, Kyrgystan With Holly

The good folks at Globe Trekker HQ have asked me to do a bit of blogging while we are out here in Central Asia filming the Silk Road show. (Part of our Round-The- World-Series celebrating 20 years of Globe Trekker.)  So blogging is the plan; though the first rule of shooting – and travelling – is that few things go to plan. But that doesn’t mean they go wrong.

Flooded out of a story in Paraguay? – the waters part and deliver another we hadn’t even considered. Got a flat tire in a far flung corner of Turkmenistan? –  you discover some surprising magic just off the road side.  So check in here over the next few weeks for missives from behind the scenes, little known trivia about this part of Central Asia, and tales large, small – and mostly true.


Holly Morris