Brits vote for the top 20 British bucket list experiences

Brits vote for the top 20 British bucket list experiences

Seeing Giant’s Causeway, whale watching in Scotland and visiting the Roman Baths have emerged among a list of British bucket list aspirations, a study has found. Spending the day at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, walking along Hadrian’s Wall and celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge also featured. A number of other quintessentially British experiences made it on to the list of must-dos, including enjoying a clotted cream tea in Cornwall and staying in a thatched cottage in the Cotswolds.

Despite these dreams, the survey of 2,000 adults commissioned by Sykes Holiday Cottages, revealed just how unexplored the UK really is, as Brits are more likely to have visited France, Spain and Italy than England’s home counties. According to the stats more than 6 in 10 (63%) have spent time in Spain, compared to just a third who’ve been to Surrey. And more Brits have visited France (67%) than Cornwall, Manchester and even London. In fact, the same number of us have travelled across the globe to Australia as those who have been across the border to Aberdeenshire (16%)!

And although Giant’s Causeway tops Brits’ home-based bucket list, only a quarter of the nation have visited Northern Ireland, where it’s located.

Graham Donoghue, CEO at Sykes Holiday Cottages, said: “Despite a desire to tick off our British bucket list experiences, these results show how undiscovered the country actually is. Lots of us are more likely to get on a plane or a ferry and go abroad than take in everything the UK has to offer. Although it’s brilliant to travel to other countries and cultures, many people would be surprised at how much there is to see just a hundred miles away from their hometown – Britain isn’t called great for nothing!”

The study also found that the average Brit has visited just 15 out of nearly 50 counties in the UK – although more than 1 in 10 (11%) admit they’ve been to a maximum of three. In comparison, the average person has travelled to 10 different countries around the world.

The north-south divide is also ever-apparent in Brits’ travel choices, as almost 1 in 5 southerners said they’ve never ventured up north. And nearly half (48%) of the population of Wales and Scotland haven’t ever been to each other’s country.

The decision to holiday abroad must be affecting our knowledge of the UK, as a 10th of Brits think Land’s End is in Scotland – when that couldn’t be further from its location at the very foot of Cornwall. A further 12% think the Brecon Beacons is in Scotland, and 6% are even convinced that London is in the north west of the country.

Brits’ top 20 British bucket list experiences:

  1. Visit Giant’s Causeway
  2. Go whale watching in the Scottish Highlands
  3. Visit Bath’s Roman Baths
  4. Walk along Hadrian’s Wall
  5. See in the summer solstice at Stonehenge
  6. Spend a day at Wimbledon
  7. Enjoy a clotted cream tea in Cornwall
  8. Stay in a thatched cottage in the Cotswolds
  9. Visit the Edinburgh Festival
  10. Visit Buckingham Palace
  11. Watch a show on London’s West End
  12. See the White Cliffs of Dover
  13. Eat fresh fish and chips in Whitby
  14. Walk through Cheddar Gorge
  15. Climb Mount Snowdon
  16. Take a boat trip on Lake Windermere
  17. Stargazing in Northumberland
  18. See the crown jewels at the Tower of London
  19. Look for Nessie at Loch Ness
  20. Search for fossils on the Jurassic Coast

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Route 66 named as the most Instagram-worthy road trip in the world

Route 66 named as the most Instagram-worthy road trip in the world

Route 66 has been named as the most Instagram-worthy road trip in the world, according to Brits.

The study, which polled 2,000 adults, found the top three routes are all located in the United States – specifically through the Grand Canyon National Park and along the Pacific Highway Coast.

The drive through the Grand Canyon parks, typically following the South Rim to the North Rim and famed for its exquisite views of the stunning natural wonder was second.

‘PCH’, also known as Route 101, came third. The route takes you on a coastal, cliff-hugging drive from San Francisco to San Diego, passing by San Jose, Big Sur and Monterey.

56% of those who took part named the US as the road trip capital of the world.

Commissioned by Hertz, the research also identified key ingredients for a successful road trip – including wide-open roads, driving past famous attractions and spotting wildlife along the way. Discovering views and taking in the scenery were highlighted as the main reasons for adults going on a road trip.

The influence of social media has had a huge impact on destinations of choice, bringing increased awareness of less well-known areas, as well as ensuring that gems such as the Route 66 are still as popular as ever.

While views and scenery were important for older travellers, millennials are more focused on having a ‘new experience’. More than two thirds of millennials admitted the places they see on Instagram affect their choice of location, compared to just 13% of adults over 38. In fact, 30% said they are unlikely to visit somewhere if they’ve never seen photos of it on Instagram. Hashtags and location tags have become a new way to research the next travel destination and 4 in 10 millennials use the platform to discover new points of interest and places to visit.

The survey, conducted via OnePoll in December 2018, also found an average of 12 photos a day are taken on a holiday or a trip. 57% of respondents said they were most likely to take a photo of a landscape or cityscape while on a trip. Double the number of millennials compared to the over 38s are likely to take a photo of their food.

It seems that photographs make memories, with 36% of millennials saying that they would struggle to remember their trip if they didn’t post a photo of it, compared to 19% of over 38s. Furthermore, one in 10 admitted to visiting somewhere purely because they want to share it on Instagram.

Twenty per cent of respondents would like to combine creating their own route with a structured drive.

The top 10 most Insta-worthy road trips:

  1. Route 66 – U.S
  2. Grand Canyon – U.S
  3. Pacific Coast Highway –U.S
  4. West Coast Perth to Broome – Australia
  5. South Island Circuit – New Zealand
  6. Great Ocean Road – Australia
  7. Cowboy Trail – Canada
  8. The Argyll Coastal Route – Scotland
  9. Ring Road – Iceland
  10. Snowdonia – Wales

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7 quirky things to do in Seychelles in 2019

7 quirky things to do in Seychelles in 2019

Seychelles is a unique destination in itself, but we have rounded up 7 cool things to get up to while you’re out there. Whether you’re after a one-of-a-kind experience, some of the most extraordinary nature or you dare to try unusual food, Seychelles has got it covered. Keep reading to find out what do add to your 2019 bucket list.

Post a letter underwater in Beau Vallon beach. ‘Unlock the Sea’ is a programme by Le Méridien Fisherman’s Cove and The Marine Conservation Society Seychelles that offers a unique way to experience Seychelles and its marine landscape. You can post greetings back home in an underwater letterbox, which is emptied every two days. This guided snorkelling tour, where marine experts offer an insight into the ecosystem, is a new kind of sustainable holiday experience. The post box is removed during monsoon but it will be back in February at the latest.

seychelles-4Get behind the scenes of ‘High & Dry’ on Mahé island, where the cast spent a month filming the Channel 4 comedy. The largest of the Seychelles islands is blessed with rugged mountains, verdant greenery and paradise beaches. Most of the filming was done in Anse Major. The crew wanted a 360-degree view of unspoiled natural beauty, which is exactly what they found at this beach. You can only get there by boat or on foot but the trip to this slice of secluded turquoise water and white sand heaven is well worth it!

Sample bat curry, one of Seychelles’ local delicacies. The dish is hard to find even for the most seasoned travellers, so it is something to write home about. If you’re staying on Mahé, head to Marie Antoinette Creole Restaurant, one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Seychelles. Here, you will need to request the fruit bat curry in advance. You can also order it from many Creole takeaways, such as Coco Rouge on Praslin who serve it regularly. And if you want to try fruit bat ravioli, check out Mahé’s La Plaine St. Andre.

Plant a tree in one of the most exclusive resorts in the Seychelles. North Island is a car-free island with four perfect beaches encircled by granite rocks and tropical forest. The tree planting experience sees guests planting endemic flora from a nursery, part of North Island’s Noah’s Ark program. With only 11 villas on an island the size of Monaco, all activities are enjoyed in absolute privacy. Unsurprisingly, many guests don’t leave during their visit except for fishing or diving, even though it’s very close to Mahé and Silhouette island.

seychelles-3Spot the world’s heaviest (and sexiest!) seed, the unusual and endemic Coco de Mer. Because of its unusual, erotic shape, and the fact that the pollination process of its trees is still unclear, this rare seed has always been the object of fascinating mythological stories. Some even saying the trees make passionate love on stormy nights! Catch them at UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin Island or in the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens on Mahé.

Marvel at the world’s smallest frog and giant tortoises in Seychelles. The Gardiner’s Tree Frog is only 11mm in length! It is endemic to the Seychelles and its green to brown skin shows a distinctive dark band extending from its mouth, to below its eye and to the hind legs. You can spot the little one at Morne Seychellois, a striking hiking trail in Mahé. The archipelago is also home to the biggest population of the rare Aldabra tortoises. You can find them on North Island, Cousin Island and Curieuse Island.

Meet a real-life hero: the Seychelles Warbler. This native bird saved Cousin Island! When it was discovered that the species was almost becoming extinct, the island that was once a coconut plantation was given protected status and native flora was re-planted. Thanks to the Seychelles Warbler, Cousin Island is now a special nature reserve. Tours to Cousin Island can be organised through operators, guest houses and hotels on Praslin Island.

More Information

Seychelles Tourism Board

Travel to Finland on the rise: Helsinki Airport breaks another record

Travel to Finland on the rise: Helsinki Airport breaks another record

Air travel via Helsinki Airport has been growing rapidly over the past few years. A historical milestone was surpassed today as the 20 millionth passenger of 2018 visited the airport.

“This is a momentous occasion for Helsinki Airport and the entire Finnish aviation industry,” says Joni Sundelin, Director of Helsinki Airport.

“The number of passengers has been growing faster than we predicted a few years ago. Back then, we talked about 20 million passengers in 2020. However, we hit that mark already this year.”

Up to 21 million passengers are expected to visit Helsinki Airport by the end of the year. The corresponding figure last year was 18.9 million passengers.

Sundelin says that responsibility is a key factor in the growth of Helsinki Airport. “We do our best to ensure that the volume air traffic can grow responsibly. Helsinki Airport is already a carbon neutral airport. We use renewable energy and fuels and compensate for other emissions.”

The volume of international transit traffic is increasing rapidly

The increasing number of passengers is due to the growth of international transit traffic, the attractiveness of Finland as a travel destination and Finns’ increased tendency to travel by plane.

“All areas of our operations have grown. The majority of traffic is still within Europe, but Asian transit traffic, in particular, has been growing more rapidly than expected.”

The growth of international traffic at Helsinki Airport has continued to be stronger than at the other main Nordic airports.

“We are currently among the most rapidly growing air traffic hubs in Europe. We have established our status as a hub of transit traffic between Europe and Asia.”

Finavia works arduously on getting new routes and airlines to use its airports. The main airlines, Finnair and Norwegian, have increased their range of services considerably this year. In addition, the airport has secured new airlines as its clients. FlyDubai, for example, began operating daily flights to Helsinki.

“Hopefully, we will continue to acquire more clients next year,” says Sundelin.

“We expect Helsinki Airport to continue its strong growth, but we also assume that the rate of growth will become more moderate in the coming years.”

A frantic year of development coming up at Helsinki Airport in 2019

The rapid rate of growth at Helsinki Airport is, of course, a positive sign, but the rapidly increasing number of passengers also sets certain challenges for the capacity of the airport. That is why, already in 2014, Finavia initiated a €1 billion development programme that is helping Helsinki Airport to prepare for serving up to 30 million passengers a year.

“The next year of the development programme will be very remarkable. In February, we will open the new heart of long-distance traffic, Aukio, and later on, the expansions of the west pier, border control and Terminal 1 will be opened,” says Sundelin.

The construction of the new entrance to Terminal 2 and the new departure and arrivals halls will also begin in early 2019. Passengers will have to take the construction work into account when arriving at and leaving the airport.

“The new premises of Helsinki Airport and the entire customer experience of passengers will be world-class. Nevertheless, we need to focus on maintaining the level of customer satisfaction during the construction work,” says Sundelin.

More Information

Finavia provides and develops airport services with a focus on safety, customer-orientation and cost efficiency in Finland.

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Travel trends: What will shape travel in the USA in 2019?

Travel trends: What will shape travel in the USA in 2019?

The way we travel is changing, and changing fast. New flight routes mean that lesser-known corners of the United States are easy to reach; new sports are emerging; and even the way we eat and socialise is evolving – food halls are now cool new places to hangout. These things and more, are set to shape the way we travel in the USA in 2019.

Strengthening of existing airline routes

Following a long list of new flight launches in 2018, 2019 will see airlines strengthening their routes and increasing flight regularity. Some examples include British Airways’ London to Nashville flight which will be increased from a three-times-weekly service to a daily service in summer 2019 – the airline’s fastest new route to increase to a daily service in 10 years. Delta is also increasing travel options to the U.S. from summer 2019 with a daily flight from London Heathrow to Portland International Airport (up from the four-times-weekly flight) which is the only nonstop link from the UK, plus a daily service to Detroit’s Wayne County Metropolitan Airport. In March 2019, Virgin Atlantic will introduce a double daily route for the UK’s shortest transatlantic route between London Heathrow and Boston.

Low-cost long-haul flight expansion

Meanwhile the increase in the availability of flights from low-cost airlines – namely Norwegian Air and WOW air – is making family travel to the U.S. more affordable. In 2018 Norwegian increased its service of London to Fort Lauderdale flights, improving access to Florida’s east coast and theme parks, while December 2018’s new seasonal route from Wow Air, which links London and Orlando three times a week until April 2019, has made the region more accessible for those travelling on a tighter budget.

The trendy way to road trip

The U.S. has long been synonymous with epic road trip holidays, but 2019 will see an alternative way to gain momentum: the camper van. RV holidays have been a favourite for Americans for decades, but thanks to #vanlife – one of the biggest wanderlust-inspiring hashtags on Instagram over the last few years – holidaymakers have also started to take note. The hashtag sees couples, solo travellers and families pack up their belongings and live out of a van or RV, with the U.S. front and centre of the awe-inspiring pictures. It’s increased interest in RV and camper van trips, with the U.S. being the perfect playground for initial adventures.

Luxury hotel scene continues to thrive

There are a huge number of luxury hotel launches in the U.S. throughout 2019. Chicago will welcome the opening of Nobu Chicago and the Hoxton Chicago (both opening in the up-and-coming meatpacking district), while Nashville will see the opening of Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels Nashville, which will open in the historic Music Row neighbourhood in December 2019, with the Margaritaville Nashville Hotel due to open in the SoBro neighbourhood in autumn 2019. Other stylish city openings will include the West Hollywood Edition, Hard Rock New Orleans, and the first Shinola hotel, which will open in Detroit. California will also see a host of luxury openings, with hotels ranging from the Four Seasons Napa Valley to the Rosewood Montecito.

Surfing holidays to become more popular

Following the announcement that surfing will be recognised as an official sport in the 2020 Olympics, all eyes are on America’s hottest surf destinations. The sport has quickly been gathering global recognition over the last decade as a fun way to enjoy the ocean, with physical and mental benefits to boot. Popular California surfing destinations will thrive: Huntington Beach, half way between Los Angeles and San Diego and officially dubbed Surf City USA, it is the site of the U.S. Open competition, and many of the city’s schools offer surf lessons as standard. Meanwhile, two wave parks constructed with state-of-the-art technology to create artificial waves now exist in Texas, with more to follow elsewhere – meaning surfing is no longer just the domain of coastal cities.

Music-focused travel leads the way

Music continues to be a key driver for travel to the U.S., whether it’s visiting for live concerts, or on pilgrimages to iconic music cities. New British Airways flights into Nashville and New Orleans over the last few months have opened up the Deep South, while the increase of services to Nashville is set to make the city an even-more popular destination for music lovers, particularly with new behind-the-scenes music experiences with Imagine Recordings, and the first-ever guided Music Row Walking Tour, which takes in prolific recording studios and publishing houses, launching in 2018. Elsewhere, new hotels in New Orleans will make NOLA’s jazz music scene more accessible, while Delta’s daily flight services and a shiny new Shinola hotel opening will put Detroit, the birthplace of Motown and techno, back on the map.

Packrafting goes mainstream

Packrafting – travelling by an inflatable raft that folds away into a backpack – is one of the coolest new ways to travel and reach undiscovered parts of the world, and the sport is already a firm favourite among U.S. locals (the American Packrafting Association reports that 76 percent of its members picked up the hobby in the last few years). While packrafting is relatively unheard of in Europe, U.S. states are filled with packrafting adventures. Visitors can paddle through the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska with Kennicott Guides, or see the Grand Canyon National park on six-day hiking and packrafting trip with Wildland Trekking in Arizona. The method of travel is set to become even-more popular in 2019, as travellers look to discover harder-to-reach terrain.

Food halls are the new food trucks

While food trucks remain popular with visitors to the UK, the way locals and visitors are consuming food is set to change. According to a report by commercial real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield, there were about 70 food halls in the country in 2015. By the beginning of 2020 it’s estimated that this figure will have tripled. This is thanks, in part, to the likes of Time Out Market – the brand opened its first food hall in Lisbon in 2014, and has since brought the concept to Miami, New York, Chicago and will be opening in Boston next year (it will be one of two food halls opening in the city next year). New York is home to 12 food halls, while Austin has four – with more on the way in both cities. The food halls (as opposed to food courts) are often cool and contemporary settings, with modern furniture, neon signs, and food outlets from some of the city’s top chefs – ensuring a quality and inexpensive dining experience.

The rise of solo travel… and the sharecation

Solo travel will continue to increase in popularity in 2019, with several companies and hotel groups easing booking and comfort for solo travellers – from Busabout, hop-on hop-off coach trips, to cool new hostels making solo travel affordable, without a single supplement. Coinciding with the trend for solo travel in the U.S. is the rise of the sharecation. Intrepid Travel reports that the group’s U.S. trips are more popular with solo travellers than any other destination – in 2018, 70% of passengers on Intrepid Travel’s U.S. trips travelled on their own (popular tours included Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii).

Holidays on horseback

Next year sees the launch of several new luxury ranch-style retreats that will put horse riding at the front and centre of their activity program. The Lodge at Blue Sky in Utah and Bishop’s Lodge in Santa Fe are just two of the retreats, while tour operator Ranch Rider reports on the trend of using horse riding as part of a wellness regime, thanks to its ability to clear minds and reduce stress. The company’s yoga and riding retreat in Arizona is returning for a second year in a row thanks to demand from travellers.

More Information

Visit The USA
Visit The USA focuses on inspiring travelers to experience the country’s vibrancy, culture and infinite possibilities unlike anywhere else in the world.

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Instagram mania and queues at Roys Peak

Instagram mania and queues at Roys Peak

Instagram mania and the incredible views offered at the summit of a New Zealand mountain have led to queues at the mountaintop.

Roys Peak, which is 5,500 feet above sea level and offers stunning views over Lake Wanaka, is situated only 70 kilometres from popular Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island.

Hikers make the trek along Roys Peak Track to reach the summit, but the 8 kilometre hike and views it offers photographers have become so popular there are now queues at the summit.

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Lisa Reihana: European explorers and the native people of the Pacific Islands

Lisa Reihana: European explorers and the native people of the Pacific Islands

In Pursuit of Venus (Infected) is a spectacular video installation artwork by New Zealand Maori artist, Lisa Reihana, which charts first contact between European explorers and the native peoples of the Pacific Islands 250 years ago.

It went on display at the Auckland Art Gallery in May 2015. Six years in the making, the work is based on a large 19th century scenic wallpaper, ‘Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique’, created by French firm Joseph Dufour et Cie in the 19th century which depicts a romanticised view of the landscapes and people of the Pacific.

Using the landscape forms of the wallpaper as a backdrop, Reihana added live action scenes recorded in front of green screens, showing interactions between Europeans and Polynesians. Reihana worked with theatre director Rachel House, actors and students from the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts to create the 32-minute film installation.

Reihana’s script re-examines the first encounters between Polynesians and Europeans with scenes that depict the intricacies of cultural identity and colonisation.

Most recently the installation has featured in the Royal Academy’s Oceania exhibition in London.

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Easter Islanders demanding the return of pillaged relics

Easter Islanders demanding the return of pillaged relics

Easter Islanders are the latest indigenous group to demand the return cultural relics pillaged by Western countries from their homeland.

The British Museum’s Easter Island Moai

The British Museum’s Easter Island Moai

A delegation from Rapa Nui, as the island is now known, are asking the British Museum to return a giant statue known as Moai taken by the crew of a British naval vessel, HMS Topaze, in 1868.

The Moai is known as Hoa Hakananai’a and the islanders say it’s the living embodiment of their ancestors “whose role is to protect us”.

It was presented to Queen Victoria who gifted it to the British Museum, where it’s been for almost 150 years.

The museum has been the target of numerous claims for return of cultural relics including the Elgin Marbles to Greece and tribal artefacts taken from Australian Aborigines.

Moai from Easter Island are also held by museums in the United States, France and New Zealand.

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Top winter cities to guarantee a white Christmas

Top winter cities to guarantee a white Christmas

Gear up for the festive season by reading the ranking of the world’s ultimate Christmas cities.

Is London going to provide a blanket of snow this December?

London is known as one of the best escapes for Christmas but isn’t often covered in snow. London gets an average snowfall of 21.9 inches all year round. The last white Christmas was recorded in 2010 so there is a slight chance that Londoners could get some magical timing with the weather to offer a Christmas postcard picture.  The odds currently stand at 3/1 on Skybet for a London white Christmas.

The top Christmas cities for a white Christmas:


Canada has two the top winter cities for a guaranteed white Christmas

The UNESCO world treasure of Quebec City averages a snowfall of a 124 inches, the cobbled streets become paved with a white dusting more often than not and is ranked the second best Christmas city overall. Montreal follows closely behind with an average snowfall of 82.5 inches. These two Christmas cities are likely to provide a white blanket of snow for the 25th of December.

Helsinki, Finland revealed as the ultimate Christmas city worldwide

The vibrant seaside city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland transforms in the winter time to become the most Christmassy city, and ranked in 1st place as the top Christmas city. Berlin with it’s famed Christmas markets had the best value Christmas lunch at under £40 came in at number 3, whereas Prague is the best place to nab a 6ft Christmas tree for less than £10 placed 9th in the listing. The data revealed that Helsinki rated the best in overall value to create the most magical Christmas, with the total cost of ranking factors amounting to £302.95; with the light switch on celebrations starting at the 25th of November and the average snowfall hitting 26.9 inches.

Edinburgh outranks New York as one of the best cities to visit at Christmas

Edinburgh with easy travel on train from London, it makes the perfect Christmas escape. With the streets being adorned with lights at the 18th of November it is an early start to the season and the chances snowfall with an average of 18.3 inches make it a great winter escape.


  1. Helsinki – Best for Scandi-magic
  2. Quebec City – Best for a white Christmas
  3. Berlin – Best for cheap Christmas dinners
  4. London – Best for beautiful Christmas lights
  5. Salzburg – Best for fairy tale views
  6. Copenhagen – Best for culinary delights
  7. Edinburgh – Best for all the family
  8. Montreal – Best for snowman building
  9. Prague – Best for Christmas trees
  10. Dublin – Best for merriment
  11. Bruges – Best for chocolate lovers
  12. Reykjavik – Best for the Northern Lights
  13. Aspen – Best for skiing
  14. Strasbourg – Best for Christmas markets
  15. New York – Best for wonder and excitement

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Parker’s Piece: Cambridge Rules and the Birthplace of Modern Football

Parker's Piece: Cambridge Rules and the Birthplace of Modern Football

Parkers’s Piece is a 25-acre park near the centre of Cambridge, where modern football, or soccer, was first played.

It was originally owned by Trinity College and was named after the college cook who leased it from the college to farm.

In the first half of the 19th century students from various English public schools and universities began playing various football games at Parker’s Piece. There was no standard set of rules for these games.

But it was here that the Cambridge Rules of 1848 were first put into practice. They were very influential in the creation of the modern rules of Association Football, drawn up in London by The Football Association in 1863.

Parker’s Piece is also known for its 1838 feast for 15,000 people, which celebrated the coronation of Queen Victoria.

Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Windsor, Eton… there are so many amazing day trips from London just a short train ride away!