Press Releases 2017

June 2017

PILOT PRODUCTIONSpages-from-buildingempires_v01-3-for-producer
For immediate release

Pilot begins Production an Epic New Documentary Exploring 
the World's Greatest Empires.


Combining CGI and dramatic reconstructions with insight from history experts, “Empire Builders” reveals the story of extraordinary empires that are still shaping the way we live our lives today.

From the Romans to the Raj, the Ottomans to the Incas, great empires have come and gone through the ages; but all have left behind extraordinary legacies, monuments, inventions and innovations, that were so revolutionary they changed the course of history.

“Empire Builders” brings to life ten great empires, each episode visiting the ten most significant sites that defined their achievements and legacies; 100 historic sites in all, discovering how they were built, for what purpose, and what they reveal about empire’s rise and fall.

Empires examined in the series include the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks; the Roman Empire; the Muslim Empire of the Ottomans, Mughals and Moors; the Spanish Empire; the British Raj; and the rise of the American Empire. The stories and sites from around world range from the mystery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb and the majesty of the Taj Mahal, to the wonders of Machu Picchu and the architecture of Sagrada Familia.

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January 2017

For immediate release

Pilot Productions' renown travel show, Globe Trekker , celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017.

Cameraman Tim Knight and soundman Jonathan Leffman with the Taot Tribe on the island of Palawan Philippines in 1996 for Series 3

Cameraman Tim Knight and soundman Jonathan Leffman with the Taot Tribe on the island of Palawan Philippines in 1996 for Series 3

Originally made as Lonely Planet, the series changed its name in 2000 and is now entering its 18th season.

The series now numbers 222 episodes plus more than 30 specials including the eight part “Around the World ” series shot in 2012 to celebrate its 2oth anniversary.

Ian Cross, Executive Producer and Managing Director of Pilot Productions, said:

“When I shot the pilot episode of Globe Trekker in 1992, there was no digital, no mobile, no HD, and no internet. Today the world is perceived as a more dangerous, stressed and difficult place. But the hunger to explore and learn from other cultures lives on.”

He went on:
“We are proud of the fact that we are still a small independent company, producing one of the longest running series on television and still making bespoke director led films in the midst of the digital revolution.”

Destinations visited in the Globe Trekker Series 18 include Iceland, the Adriatic, Northern Japan and Algeria and will all be available in 2018.

Pilot Productions CEO and part-time presenter Ian Cross on the pan European walking trail in Crete

Pilot Productions MD, Exec producer and part-time presenter Ian Cross on the pan European walking trail in Crete

Notes to Editors:

1. Currently in production at Pilot Productions are: Tough Boats of the Arctic, Tough Boats: Great Lakes of Tanzania, The Story of Beef, The Story of Sugar, The Rust Belt Highway, Travelling in the 70’s, Ottomans vs Christians: Battle for Europe, The Lost World of Joseph Banks and Traveling in the 70s.

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World Cafe Middle East presenter Bobby Chinn nominated for best entertainment presenter award at the Asia television awards

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