The ultimate clash of civilisations in 16th century europe. Pilot productions announces exciting new history series in ‘ottomans vs. Christians’

Pilot Productions, the award winning UK based producer of travel, adventure, cuisine, art and history programming today announces a brand new series charting the epic story of Europe’s clash of civilizations with ‘Ottomans versus Christians‘ at this year’s MIPCOM, Managing Director, Ian Cross announced today.

Ottomans versus Christians (6 x 26′ or 2 x 75′ or 3 x 52′) recounts the incredible battle of civilisations in the 16th century between the mighty Ottoman Empire, with its capital in Istanbul, and the Christian empires of Europe led by Spain, Venice, and the Holy League.

Shot in glorious high definition on location at the key landmarks of the struggle for dominance of Europe, presenter Julian Davison takes us on a journey back in time to a world of magnificent galleys laden with riches and merciless pirates who prowled the waters, to spectacular battles and bloodied acts of treachery and revenge. Our journey takes us to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the Mediterranean to relive some the most dramatic and critical moments of this clash of civilisations and experience its rich and varied legacy. From modern day Istanbul, where Constantinople stood as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Julian travels to the former Christian strongholds of Rhodes, Malta, Cyprus and Crete before setting sail to mainland Greece to uncover the story of the bloody and infamous Battle of Lepanto.

Ottomans versus Christians is available in its entirety as a 6-part series (6 x 26′) with episodes ‘Constantinople‘, ‘Rhodes‘, ‘Malta‘, ‘Venice’, ‘Lepanto and Cyprus‘ and ‘End Of Empire.’ Alternatively it is available as a 2-part special (2 x 75′) or a 3-part trilogy (3 x 52′).

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