A picture of the Mackinac Bridge. The photo was taken from the southern shore of the Lower Peninsula facing St Ignace. The picture shows the Mackinac Bridge.

The Mackinac Bridge – pronounced...

The idea of crossing one of the longest suspension bridges in the US bares no excitement for some, and in the case of the Mackinac Bridge, the sight of this...

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Iolani Palace

Study Guide: Establishing the Hawaiian Kingdom,...

Io is the Hawaiian hawk, a bird that flies higher than all the rest, and loni means royal or exalted, so it literally translates to Iolani = royal hawk.

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Berrima Gaol

Captain Arthur Phillip Memorial: a complex memorial to an Australian founding father.

Mughal Delhi

Slow TV 2


Destination of the Month: Jordan

Globe Trekker have been travelling the world for years to bring you original, well crafted and interesting views from around the world and along the way we...

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Havava Harbour

The Spanish Forts of Havana

More than any other period of its history, the 400 years of Spanish colonisation in Cuba left a lasting legacy on the country’s architecture.

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havanna hote

Havana’s Historic Gem, Hotel Nacional de...

Of all the buildings which demonstrate the turbulent history of Cuba place there is one that stands out, Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

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