Globe Trekker Around the World on PBS This Month

Globe Trekker Around the World on PBS This Month



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Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro and Megan McCormick dust off their boots and hit the trail once more in Globe Trekker Around The World

Beginning in Washington DC, Justine following the legendary Route 66.  Brianna Barnes navigates her way through South America. Zay Harding sets off on the Pacific leg of the journey, starting in the Pitcairn Islands.  Megan McCormick strides across China to the famous Kashgar Market where east and west trade meet. Holly Morris forges on through Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan before handing the baton to Ian Wright to completes the series travelling from Istanbul to Vienna.

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Globe Trekker Round the World:

On Air June: Across America: Route 66 and Beyond

Across America: Route 66 and Beyond

Justine Shapiro kicks off the journey with a road trip west across the United States, following in the footsteps of the American Dream. Starting in Washington DC she follows the Blue Ridge Parkway to Nashville and Memphis, birth places of American country and soul.

After a brief countryside respite in Arkansas, Justine hits legendary Route 66 from Oklahoma to Arizona, where she visits the world’s best preserved Meteor Crater.

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Route 66

On Air June: Conquistadors, Aztecs & Revolutions

Conquistadors, Aztecs & Revolutions

Judith Jones’ adventure takes her south to the lands of ancient empires. In Mexico she explores the myths and treasures that once drew the Conquistadors to a country rich in natural resources.

Following their trail her first stop is colonial Chihuahua, where Pancho Villa started the Mexican Revolution. In Zacatecas she visits one of Mexico’s many Silver Mines and then  along the Silver Road to Mexico City from where the Aztecs once ruled.
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On Air June: Conquistadors, Incas & Inquisition

Peru is the next stop on Brianna Barnes’s journey south that begins in Cajamarca, where thousands of Inca soldiers were slaughtered by Pizarro’s conquistadors. In Cusco she learns about the golden Inca Empire before ending her journey on the volcano El Misti, where incredibly well preserved ice mummies tell the story of the country’s illustrious past.

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Panamerica: Conquistadors, Incas & Inquisition

On Air June: Pacific Journeys – Tahiti to Pitcairn

Zay Harding begins his Pacific journey in Santiago de Chile, gateway to  Easter Island. From here he heads to Tahiti, the Polynesian paradise that enticed Captain Cook, Captain Bligh and his Bounty Mutineers to stay longer than planned.

Zay embarks on an ocean voyage along the waters charted by these famous explorers, including a perilous crossing to Pitcairn Island, which the descendents of the Bounty Mutineers call home today.
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On Air June: Pacific Journeys – Tonga to New Caledonia

Zay Harding explores the Kingdom of Tonga, and then on to multi-cultural Fiji, where cannibals, sugar cane and Indian temples make for an exciting stay. In Norfolk Island he learns about its convict past and then on to New Caledonia.

Zay ends his journey in Noumea, where the Kanak’s people’s culture is celebrated at the Tibijao Cultural Centre, an architectural marvel that combines ancient knowledge with modern techniques.

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The World Cup Brazil 2014

Christ the Redeemer

Next month World Cup Brazil comes into view and Globe Trekker has fallen for the music, wildlife and people many times.  Tropical islands, lush rainforests, marvelous cities and picture-perfect beaches set the scene for the great Brazilian adventure.

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