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Paris is a city that prides itself on its great art, architecture, fashion, food and wine and effortless style. But this guide will show you parts of Paris you may otherwise never reach – from the bookshop where the Beat poets of the 60’s hung out to the shop where you can have your beloved pet stuffed.  By a prince…


Sydney is known for its laid-back lifestyle and outdoor living.  It’s come a long way from its convict beginnings and is now one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.   This guide gives you the lowdown on the best beach, the liveliest festival and the best trip out of town.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of entertainment, packed freeways and endless beaches.  It ranges from the sublime, the car-free Catalina Island, to the ridiculous, the County Coroner that sells body bags.  This guide will show you the Hollywood dream as well as the real side of the city.


Rio – it’s not just samba till dawn.   This guide will give you the low-down on what else Rio has to offer, from the world’s most celebrated football stadium to shop where even Bill Clinton couldn’t keep his hands off a bikini.


It’s one of the most vibrant cities on earth, with a centuries old souk tantalising the visitors with scents, sights and sounds. This guide takes you from the celebrated leather tanneries to the most luxurious hotels in town.


It’s one of the greatest cities the world has ever known and the only city spanning two continents.  This guide will give you the inside track, whether you’re after a visit to the Grand Bazaar with its 4000 shops or need a rejuvenating scrub down in a Turkish bath.


It’s a city of great style where you can feel centuries of turbulent history under your feet.   You’ll get an insider’s guide, from the splendour of the art  in the Villa Borghese to the simplicity of a night in a monastery.

Mexico City

It was the capital of the ancient Aztec Empire and is now also one of the biggest and highest capital cities in the world.  This guide takes us from the ancient ruins of Tenochtitlan to the market where you can hire your own mariachi band.

Las Vegas

This guide gives the inside track on where to stay, what to see and how to get off the beaten track in this mega city – whether it’s free gambling lessons or a visit to the graveyard for the city’s neon.

New York

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, so good they named it twice.  This guide will give you low-down on the very best that this exhilarating city has to offer, whether you want to spend money in it’s fabulous shops or make it in Wall Street.


It’s one of the most celebrated and visited cities in Europe.  This guide shows you how to get away from the crowds to some of the 100 tiny islands that make up Venice, where to get the best view of the city and how to take a scenic boat ride without spending a fortune on a gondola.


London is the capital of cool with it’s a unique blend of history, tradition, culture and cutting edge art and fashion.  This’ll lead you around this most diverse city … from the vibrant flea markets where you’ll pick up antiques for a song, the traditional East End where you’ll find the best Asian curry in town to the traditional pomp and pageantry of the Queen’s birthday celebrations.


Tokyo is a mix of futuristic skyscrapers and neon that’s not totally forgotten its cultural heritage.   It’s exciting, it’s exotic and it’s non-stop – from the serenity of the 7th century Senso-Ji Temple, or the Tsukiji market where one fish can cost $20,000 to the Odaiba Project with the Japanese showcase their latest technology.


This Pocket Guide visits the celebrated city of Beijing. A metropolis that is synonymous with revolution and where ancient traditions sit side by side with the latest trends and architecture.

From the traditional courtyards of the Huton to the magnificence of the Great Wall, from the finest opera performance to rock gigs in underground clubs, we take you through a ride to the unexpected.


With a population of nearly 4 million Berlin is one of the biggest capitals in Europe. In this pocket guide we show you that Berlin is also one of the most exciting too! Come shopping to the biggest mall in the whole of Germany, find rarity shops and the most exquisite cafe culture in the ‘old east’ and see for yourself a city that has transformed itself into the new European mecca of art and architecture.



In this compact guide we give you the best tips for when you are out and about in Penang. From unique accommodation in hotels steeped in history, to the best eateries in town, not forgetting some extraordinary festivals like the Night of the Emperor God and some exciting day trips to stunning places like Langkawi Island.


What used to be a tiny fishing village is now a bustling, sprawling metropolis in the heart of South East Asia. Singapore is a melting pot of culture, style and glamour. This pocket guide gives you an insight into this exciting city. From a visit to the 70th floor of the new Asia Bar, to a quiet walk down the Orchid’s garden. Some mouth watering cuisine down the Esplanade, inexpensive shopping and the best golf courses in Asia.


In this Pocket guide we take you waltzing to Vienna. Visit with us the grandiosity of its historical architecture, the birthplace of Mozart and some unusual sites like the city’s Waste Incinerator. This is a charming city full of surprises, home to the World’s only vegetable orchestra and much much more.

Places Mentioned - France, Italy, Mexico, The Silk Road - Kashgar to Istanbul, Turkey

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