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Globe Guides: Haunted

Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania by Kyle Taylor

In this ghostly guide, travellers Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, Megan McCormick and Lavina Tan show you their favourite haunts from across the globe.

We begin with Count Dracula as Ian travels to Transylvania in Romania, and learns about the truth behind the legend. Meanwhile Justine takes ghostly tours in the town of Whitby, Northern England where Bram Stoker set his Dracula novel and Ingelstad in Germany, home toFrankenstein’s monster.

In the USA, Lavinia Tan visits the civil war town of St Augustine in Florida, reputedly the country’s most haunted location. While in Massachusetts, Megan McCormick mingles with the witches of Salem.

We end our journey in Mexico, a country obsessed by death and the after life, as Ian helps to celebrate the Day of the Dead festival.

Day of the Dead

A little girl prepares for Día de los Muertos in Mexico

Places Mentioned - England, Mexico, Romania, USA

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