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Presenter : Megan McCormick, Ian Wright,

Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures travels around the world to visit some of the most extraordinary animals on Brown bears gorge on salmon in Alaskathe planet, and see them in some of the wildest spots on the planet.

Follow our travellers as they trek across the safari parks of Africa, into the desolate wilderness of the Arctic, and through the jungles of South America and Asia. Megan McCormickcamps out in Kenya’s Lewa Downs National Park, and is pursued by an overly friendlyrhino. In Arctic Canada, Ian Wright cuddles up to a baby seal on the ice, while in Alaska, he watches huge brown bears gorge themselves on wild salmon.

From hand-feeding snarling hyenas in Ethiopia, to playing with baby pandas in China, Animal Adventures introduces you to the most exhilarating, unique animal adventures on the planet.

Places Mentioned - Canada, China, Ethiopia, Kenya

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