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Best Beaches 2

From the Caribbean beaches of Venezuela’s Mochima National ParkChristina La Monica introduces Pilot Guide’s selection of the world’s best beaches.

Taking us around the coastlines of the world’s continents, Christina and our presenters check out the best beaches to surf, dive, sleep, eat, sunbathe, pose and get naked! Ian Wright eats Justine Shapiro experiences each life au naturel in windy Germanylobster fresh from the sea in the island paradise of Los Roques in Venezuela and then learns the essential art of beach etiquette at Brazil’s Copacabana. There’s nothing like eating fresh fish on the beach and Megan McCormick tries to catch her own in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka.

Justine Shapiro meets some colourful characters on Santa Monica‘s beach boulevard. And in North West Germany, she bravely throws off her clothes and skinny-dips in the freezing North Sea.

From crowded party-zone beaches, to hidden secluded coves, there are countless beautiful beaches around the world and with this guide, you won’t miss any of them!

Places Mentioned - Brazil, Germany, Sri Lanka, USA, Venezuela

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