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Presenter : Megan McCormick

Portugal and the Azores

Megan starts her journey in the beautiful Douro valley, whose vineyards create the world famous drink which gave Portugal its name: port. From there she journeys north to the wild andimage; Megan McCormick cools down in sunny Portugal spectacular Peneda Geres National Park for some trekking. She then heads south to Fatima, joining the thousands of pilgrims who have journeyed from around the world, hoping for a cure.

She continues south to Santarem, where she learns all about the art of bullfighting…but using horses, and these bulls don’t end up dead. She goes to the bullfight, and happily joins in the general celebrations around town afterwards. From there she makes a brief stop in the capital Lisbon, taking us on a tour of the famous Age of Discovery historic sites commemorating Portugal’s role in world exploration. She ends her stay in Lisbon joining in a local wedding, and has a great night out on the town. Before heading out, she visits the famous Church of Bones, whose walls are lined with hundreds of human skeletons.

image: Paper fame: the art of the bullfighterWe next find her on the world famous beaches of the Algarve, the Riviera of Portugal, where not only does she swim and sunbathe but she does a bit of oyster fishing,and joins a local archeological dig uncovering Portugal’s Moorish past. She ends her beach stay with some very relaxing and restorative seaweed therapy.

The last leg of her journey takes her out to the Azores, a former whaling port. She goes for a hike on the islands volcano before heading out to do some whale watching. The whale watchers (former whalers) of these islands can spot whales better than any plane spotters can. Her trip ends on the magical sight of whales breaching the sea.

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