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Presenter : Zoe D’Amato

Eastern Canada

Our 3,000km journey starts on the Avalon Peninsula, in Newfoundland & Labrador, the oldest and most easterly part of North America. Though it was the first province discovered byZoe D'Amato, The Ryan MansionEuropeans, it was the last to join Canada in 1949 – a testimony to its independent spirit.

Next, we travel south west to the maritime provinces of Nova ScotiaPrince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, known for their rugged coastlines, natural beauty and delicious fresh fish.

We then head inland to say bonjour to Quebec’s European culture and old-world charm and party at the New France Festival.

Last off we reach Ontario, where we experience the dizzying heights of Toronto’s mega CN Tower and the thundering magnificence of the Niagara Falls.

Welcome to Eastern Canada!

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