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Top Ten South American Adventures

In this Globe Trekker Special, with presenters Ian Wright, Holly Morris, Eils Nevitt, Matt Young, Megan McCormick and Zay Harding, we travel all across South America, to Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil – in search of the continent’s Top 10 adventures.

In at the top of our Top Ten South American adventures, Matt Young travels to Guyana, trekking up-river through the rainforest that covers 80 per cent of the country to the dramatic Kaieteur waterfall. With a sheer drop of nearly 250 metres, this rarely visited natural wonder is five times the height of Niagara Falls.

Lanin summit Top Ten South American AdventuresFor adventure number 9, Zay Harding climbs the beautiful Lanin Volcano in the Andes Mountain range in Argentina. At over 3750 metres high, the two-day trek to the snow-capped summit requires a huge amount of stamina, but the spectacular views from the top make all the effort worthwhile.

Ian Wright then travels to the Los Llanos wetlands in Venezuela for adventure number 8, in order to search for giant anaconda snakes. Growing up to 10 metres long, and weighing as much as a grizzly bear, anaconda have been known to crush a human being to death before swallowing them head first. The search is a great success, as Ian finds and gets to examine a large six-metre long anaconda.

In adventure number 7, Matt Young goes white water rafting on the wild and untamed Futaleufu river in Patagonia, Chile, successfully rafting the perilous ‘Terminator’ rapid, one of the most challenging and dangerous white water rapids in the world.

Holly-and-the-Ache-ArcheryHolly Morris travels to Paraguay for adventure 6, to go hunting with the formerly cannibalistic hunter-gatherer Ache tribe in the remote Mbaracayu National Forest Reserve.

In adventure number 5, Ian Wright takes a four-wheel drive across the world’s largest salt flats in Uyuni, Bolivia, and stays at one of the world’s most bizarre hotels, entirely constructed out of salt.

Eils Nevitt then treks through remote virgin rainforest surrounding the Amazon river, Brazil, to see the region’s remarkable wildlife, such as piranha and three-toed sloths, before witnessing a rarely seen tribal initiation ritual in which young men must withstand the pain of thousands of biting ants.

In adventure number 3, Ian Wright cycles 10,000 feet down a vertiginous mountainous road in Yungas, Bolivia, which has been judged the world’s most dangerous road, and nicknamed ‘the road of death’, due to the high number of fatal accidents along the spectacular but potentially lethal road.

Megan McCormick top ten South American adventuresMegan McCormick treks on horseback through the remote Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia for adventure number 2, to the dramatically situated ruins of the so-called Lost City of the Tairona.  Dating back to 300AD, this rarely visited ancient city was so overgrown by forest that it was only discovered in 1975.

Finally, Ian Wright treks upriver through remote rainforest in Venezuela to the world’s highest waterfall, the dramatically beautiful Angel Falls – our choice of South America’s number 1 adventure.  Sixteen times as high as Niagara Falls, three times the height of the Empire State Building, the Angel Falls provide a spectacular climax to our exploration of the top ten South American adventures.


Places Mentioned - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela

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Top 10 South American Adventures

We have travelled all across South America, to Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil – in search of the continent’s...

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