Pilot Pocket Guides explore the globe’s most dynamic regions, giving the low-down on transport, attractions, accommodation and quirky experiences. In episodes ranging from three to ten minutes, learn about the destinations you long to visit, or take it easy with Slow TV. The world in your pocket...

Pilot Pocket Guides

In episodes ranging from three minutes to ten minutes in length, Pilot Pocket Guides take us around some of the world’s most dynamic cities and regions, giving the low-down on getting around, where to visit and stay.  Not only do we explore the key sights but we also catch a glimpse of the more unusual and unknown sides to these places.

From the neon graveyard in Las Vegas to the fish auctions of Tokyo; the best bikini shop in Rio to the festivals of Sydney – the Pocket Guides offer an insider’s view of the most intriguing destinations on earth. Voice-over and music-driven, the travel guides are fast-paced and informative with pop-ups providing more specific information including website links.

The Pilot Pocket Guides include destination information, as well as travel tips. Click below to view the series, and also find two new shows, The Grassroots Tour with travel journalist and producer, Ian Cross, and Slow TV – your chance to chill out to sublime scenes and sounds from around the globe.