The hair was big, the outfits were hot, but even bigger and hotter were the planes, trains, fast cars and the Space age – this was travelling in the 1970s.

Travelling in the 70s: Episode 2 – Up, Up and Away

In Episode 2: Up, Up and Away we go travelling back in time with Dean; to ride a Harley Davidson, a muscle car, dune buggy, family station wagon and VW Camper, Dean hops on a 747 and takes part in the louche Pan-Am lounge experience that came with the birth of Boeing’s, giant of the skies. Following that he inter-rails to Europe bedding down in a hostel armed with a dog-eared copy of the ‘Let’s Go’ travel guide. In Amsterdam, he goes in search of the infamous Hippy trail to India, and back home he recounts the story of the Greyhound bus – the all American public carriage. “Traveling in the ‘70s” is a fun-filled travelogue not to be missed.




Videographer: Bob Gerbin

Production Coordinator: Francis DiClemente



Mark Goodman

Graceland Bar-b-q


Visit Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson Museum

Costa Mesa Car Rally

Four Seasons Hotels

Pan Am Experience – Air Hollywood

South Street Diner, Boston

VW Club

Let’s go!

The Star Inn, Lingfield, Surrey

Moonlight Drive-In Cinema

International Native Casting, Agency

Café Het Paleis, Amsterdam

The Flying Pig hostel, Amsterdam

Thalys Trains

Brooklands Museum

Places Mentioned - USA

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