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13 Destinations of Christmas

Did you catch our social media countdown of 13 fantastic destinations that are ideal for visiting at this time of year? Here’s the complete list!

PS Hope you had a lovely Christmas and here’s to a brilliant 2015.



New York, for its festive spirit and gorgeous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Read our Globe Trekker guide here.

Image: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City by Caruba, Flickr creative commons


Whistler, Canada, it’s a wonderland with all the winter snow fun you can imagine, nestled in one of the prettiest spots around. Read about Canada here, and Whistler here.

Whistler Village at Christmas, image by Andrew Smith, Flickr creative commons


London, England – what’s better than shopping in London? Shopping in London under the Christmas lights of Oxford Street! And London’s a little like New York – it’s always a good idea (especially if your favourite Christmas movie is Love Actually). Here’s a city guide, if you’re on your way soon.

London Christmas Lights Oxford Street – image via


Bruges, Belgium – a medieval gem brimming with Christmas market and chocolatey delights! Want to go? Read our guide.

Christmas in Bruges, image by, Flickr creative commons


Puerto Rico, especially in San Juan – here they have one big festive party from early December until well into the new year – no scarves or jackets in sight! Go travelling – read more.

Christmas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, image by Domenic Scaturchio, Flickr creative commons


Sydney, Australia – for those of you dreaming of a Christmas in the sun, or rather, summer; imagine enjoying some wine with a Harbour Bridge view – it’s Christmas, but not as you know it. Here’s our city guide.

Sydney, image by Sarah Blinco


Germany, particularly Cologne, which boasts traditional Christmas markets lining either side of the oh-so-romantic Rhine. Read more on this delightful destination.

Christmas in Cologne, image by Mic-Plc, Flickr creative commons


Rome, where faith and tradition take center stage at this time of year; even if you care little for organised religion, a Christmastime mass here can be moving, and Rome is always a wonderful place to get lost in. Gain further insight – read here.

Christmas in Rome, image by Valentina_A, Flickr creative commons


Paris, with its romantic streets and boulevards strewn with fairy lights and pretty pop-up markets. It is love. Get lost in Paris here.

Christmas in Paris, image by Herve Bry, Flickr creative commons


Lapland, where Christmas fantasies abound – reindeer, snowy backdrops; there are towns here with Santa villages too! Read here to learn more about this lovely location.

Christmas in Lapland, image by Timo, Flickr creative commons


Santa Claus, Indiana – doesn’t get much more Christmas-festive than this place. It tickles our fancy so we dropped it into our countdown. Here’s a little more on the town. Of course, if you want to hit the road and explore more of this fantastic country, take a look at our guide here.

Santa Claus, Indiana, image via


Amsterdam, home of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas), a Dutch character who looks suspiciously like someone else we all know; he arrives in Amsterdam on December 5 to bring all of the good children gifts, but returns again on the 25th. Amsterdam twinkles at Christmas, and is certainly a beautiful place to visit at this (or any) time of year. Here’s our special guide.

Christmas in Amsterdam, image by Eric Meyer, Flickr creative commons


But the most festive place of all to be…..?

(Image by Ali Elangasinghe, Flickr creative commons)



…and Happy New Year!

Compiled by Sarah Blinco.