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Filming over the River Kwai for Globetrekker World War 2 Pacific

Within six months of Pearl Harbour the Japanese conquered a vast empire across the Pacific and Southeast Asia, and decided they needed to build a new railway line from Thailand to supply their troops in Burma on the front line of their expanding empire. Visiting the famous ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, Zay Harding  travels along the line which came to be known as the ‘Death Railway’, as a result of the 12,000 Allied Prisoners of War, and more than 80,000 Asian labourers, who were worked to death building the railway for the Japanese.


Zay attends the Memorial Day Ceremony to honour those who died during the US invasion of June 1944, and visits Banzai Gulch and Suicide Cliff with local historian Don Farrell.  Here he learns about the suicidal banzai charge of over 3,000 cornered Japanese troops, as well as the shocking suicides of over 5000 Japanese civilians who jumped from the island cliffs!