Celebrating the soul of French America

Zoe D'Amato at Fêtes de la Nouvelle France, Quebec

Zoe D'Amato at Fêtes de la Nouvelle France, Quebec

Fêtes de la Nouvelle France / New France Festival (August 4th – 8th, 2011)

One thing has remained constant in the heritage of Quebec City: It has always been the heart and soul of French North America.

Globe Trekker Zoe D’Amato visits Old Quebec and travels back in time to the 18th century where thousands of people roam the cobbled streets dressed in period costume, enjoying the food and entertainment on offer.

She meets a small army of characters: from musicians, singers, dancers, street performers, storytellers and costumed pioneers – to a parade of 16ft. papier maché giants of historical characters: Captaine Vaillant, Monsieur de Taillon and Nicolas dit Noble Coeur.

From all over Quebec, Acadia, Canada, and Louisiana (the Cajuns), people of French heritage return to be immersed in French history and culture.