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Skulls of Sacrificed Aztec Victims found in Mexico City Metro

The skulls of three people sacrificed to the Aztec gods in Mexico City have been discovered by construction workers building a new metro line in the city.

The Aztecs who ruled the city before being toppled by Hernan Cortes and his Conquistadors in 1521, ritually sacrificed human victims on top of the great pyramid in the city which was then known as Tenochtitlan.

It appears the three skulls unearthed by workers, of two young men and a women, we’re part of a giant skull rack. Such racks, which could contain hundreds of skulls, we’re displayed as part of the sacrificial altar at the top of Aztec pyramids.  Skull racks usually displayed the severed heads of captured warriors from rival groups, who were sacrificed as an offering to the gods. Few of them have actually been excavated.

The Aztecs sacrificed humans captured in battles in the belief that they would satisfy their pantheon of gods.

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