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Sky High Delights


Your time in the sky may never be the same again, if you have the chance to encounter the cabin crew aboard Icelandair who are waiting in the wings – to put on a live theatre show for passengers at 39,000 feet.

The airline is set to trial the unique in-flight entertainment to mark its 80th year and no expense was spared to ensure the performance is a show stopper. Flight attendants were sent to stage school to learn various elements of thespian arts such as singing, dancing and comedy. The results will be revealed in midair this September, lucky passengers on a flight from London to New York via Iceland, will catch the opening performance – a live, three-act, theatrical performance in mid-air.

The airline launched the initiative following a global survey of 9,000 air passengers in the UK, US, Canada, Scandinavia, France and Germany which found 52 per cent end up ‘bored’ during a flight. The company’s research found travellers are looking for more of a human touch on their journey.

To be ensure the entertainment is top notch, Icelandair have partnered with an immersive theatre group to create the unique three-act play starring the airline’s staff. The show will transport passengers from 1937 right through to the future, all on one transatlantic flight from London to New York via Iceland.