We had the honour to sit down with HRH The Princess of Tonga, Frederika at her home while touring the magnificent TONGA!


HRH The Honorouble Frederika with Fakaleiti servants Andrew and Pao

“I consider myself, not only a true Tongan, but a true Polynesian. The knowledge and respect I have for both cultures connects and grounds me to both Tonga and Samoa. I stand by and will continue to share what both culture have taught me…. to love!”

The kingdom of Tonga is perched just east of the international date line: thus it’s said, most often by the island’s tourism industry, that Tonga is ‘the place where time begins’. Others, perhaps observing the pace of local life, call it the place where time stands still. Both statements are true in a way, as Tonga is an eclectic country where ancient traditions sit alongside the latest offerings of modern life.