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Tough Trains India with Zay Harding


It’s the third leg of our Tough Trains series – we’ve tackled Bolivia with Zay Harding, travelling from Brazil’s Pantanal to the Pacific coast of Chile bringing you snapshots from some of the most beautiful terrain in South America. Then we faced sub-zero temperatures from Moscow to Siberia on Russia’s Ice Train.  Our journey continues in the heart of India, as we go in search of India’s most crowded Trains! 

India is famous for its extensive railway system, and its 40,000 miles of railway track cut through some of the most densely populated cities.  At least 1,000 people die when they fall from crowded coaches, when trains collide or coaches derail. We travel across northern India, crossing from Nepal and heading west to the border with Pakistan.

Check out Zay Harding’s photo diary taken on the road while filming India’s toughest railways:

You in Delhi, now, Boy!! #globetrekker #toughtrains #india #delhi #herewegoagain


The ornamental Indian Muslim quarters of Lucknow

India has a great shared heritage of Hindus and Muslims. This is an Indian-Muslim gate in Lucknow


Lucknow has some fantastic colonial architecture sprinkled throughout the city. #toughtrains #india #lucknow


We drew quite a crowd in Motihari, India. Most of these folk have never seen a film crew in action!

A Rickshaw Driver in Motihari. Typically, he has no shoes on. #ToughTrains #India #Motihari


Awesome colours and smells at the Spice Market!


The state of #Bihar has almost 104 Million people roaming it’s streets on any given day. Intersections are madness. Traffic slowly trudges along. I feel like #whereswaldo? #globetrekker #toughtrains #india


A sweet moment I noticed on one of my train journeys — I looked down from my upper deck and saw everyone below was passed out. #globetrekker #toughtrains #india


Two joyful #Sadhus invited me over for hot #chai as I waited for my train. #globetrekker #toughtrains #himalayas #india

This little Indian boy was so sweet. He followed us around the train station all day as we filmed and never stopped smiling the whole time. #toughtrains #muzaffarur #bihar #india