Kayaking the Dordogne

Kayaking the Dordogne

Christina La Monica enjoys the breathtaking scenery of the Dordogne River

Kayaking the Dordogne

The Dordogne flows for over 300 miles through South West France. It is the longest River running from Massif Central along Bergeracand Bordeaux to Royan by the Atlantic Ocean. The Dordogne is wide and shallow with rocks on its bed and sandy beaches along the way. It is France’s cleanest river, and is great for all kinds of water sports like pike fishing, wind surfing and water skiing. The river consists of an upper section with many dams, a flat central part flowing through a mountain range, and from Bergerac to the ocean, flowing freeling through scenic landscape.

Travelling by river is a great way to see Provincial France in all her glory. The river starts in the Massif Central and runs its course to a point 20km north of the Dordogne. The most beautiful curves lies around the town of Cenac.

It’s a safe route and a guide is not necessary, but always wear a life jacket when kayaking. The Dordogne is a picturesque site and many beautiful chateaux and scenery. The river was once a vital economic byway transporting wine and oak. Today it has been harnessed and creates huge quantities of hydroelectric power. Historic sites can be visited along the way like the grottes de Lacave in Pinsac, or theCastlenaud museum of medieval warfare in Beynac.

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By Susi O’Neill

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