Sea Kayaking, Secret Agent Style

Sea Kayaking, Secret Agent Style

Justine Shapiro Kayaking the Bay Islands

Beach Essentials

Where: Phananga bay, south Thailand
When: December
Happenings: Amazing limestone islands, submerged caves and grottos great to explore by kayak.

Where It’s At

The islands of Phananga bay in Southern Thailand are also known as the James Bond islands, as this was where part of the movie The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed.


By December the monsoon will have ended and the tourist season is well underway. It’s a perfect time to venture to the Bay Islands.


Sea Kayak the Bay Islands

Hundreds of strangely shaped limestone islands are clustered around the bay, complete with half-submerged caves and grottos that can be explored on a sea-kayaking tour. John Grey, known as the ‘Caveman’ offers eco-friendly tours to the caves, which can include camping on the beach.

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By Jess Halliday

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