Introducing Altered States – Diasporas of the World & Global Cities

Pilot Guides are pleased to introduce a new section to our popular study guides, looking exclusively at the world's diasporas.

Introducing Altered States - Diasporas of the World & Global Cities

Altered states explores the world of diasporas.

In an age where increasingly multicultural populations across the planet reflect a diversity of nationalities and cultures, issues surrounding identity politics and immigration are at the forefront of news. This series explores why these diasporas have come about and how each in turn has created the new world that we live in today… A world of Altered States.

Donald Trump’s wall on the Mexican border, ‘Brexit’ or the latest wave of Africans crossing the Mediterranean in a desperate bid for a better life all constitute a hard and contemporary edge to an age-old debate about nation, territory and belonging.

Some countries like Britain and Russia have large diaspora populations abroad, but also large foreign diasporas at home. Others like the United States and Australia are largely immigrant societies populated by diasporas.

Much of this migration has happened in less than 200 years, changing the nature of cites, countries and cultures at a rapid rate. In an era of multiculturalism, many institutions struggling to adjust remain mono-cultural and as a result some diasporas continue to live outside the mainstream. The world’s population now stands at 4 billion, and 5 percent now live outside their country of birth. In Europe, 10 percent of the population were born abroad or are first generation citizens of migrant parents; in America it’s 25 percent and in Australia, more than half.

Our altered States study guides look at multicultural hotspots in six world cities, and the history of more than 30 diasporas across the globe.

Altered States – Global Cities

Global Cities looks at some of the worlds most ethnically and culturally diverse cities, and provides a guide on the varying communities that have developed in each one. Currently included in the series, you will find:

Los Angeles
New York

Altered States – Diasporas

Diasporas looks at the dispersion or spread of people from their original homelands. Included in the series:

The Russian Diaspora
The Korean Diaspora
The British Diaspora
The Mexican Diaspora
The German Diaspora
The Scandanavian Diaspora
The Persian Diaspora
The Jewish Diaspora
The Thai Diaspora
The Filipino Diaspora
The Armenian Diaspora
The Japanese Diaspora
The Chinese Diaspora
The Vietnamese Diaspora
The Ethiopian Diaspora
The Cambodain Diaspora
The Puerto Rican Diaspora
The Italian Diaspora
The Indian Diaspora
The Pakistani Diaspora
The Bangladeshi Diaspora
The Sri Lankan Diaspora
The Arab Diaspora
The Irish Diaspora
The Polish Diaspora
The Nigerian Diaspora
The Jamaican Diaspora
The Turkish Diaspora
The Greek Diaspora
The Malaysian Diaspora
The Portuguese Diaspora

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Main Image: A Globe, Mark Doliner, Flickr Creative Commons

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