Austria Trend Hotels – Schloss Schönbrunn Suite

Austria Trend Hotels – Schloss Schönbrunn Suite

The Schönbrunn Palace is one of the architectural and historical masterpieces in Vienna. As the second home of the Habsburg family, this former imperial 1441-room Rococo summer residence with the finest of furnishing and interior design, remains Vienna’s greatest and most frequented visitor attraction.


Construction was started at the end of the 17th century, but its expansion really happened during the 18th century with Maria Teresa of Austria (1717-1780). The empress commissioned court architect Nikolaus von Pacassi with the remaining works, which were completed between 1746 and 1749. He concentrated on the interiors, lightening the original Baroque style with many touches of Rococo. The Great and Small Galleries were completed to be used as receptions and, at Maria Teresa’s personal request, a court theater was built as an addition to the original plans. The park too was finally completed and took on the appearance it still has today.


Since June 2014, Austria Trend Hotels has opened the Schönbrunn Suite in the east wing of the Schönbrunn Palace to the world, making it the only suite in all of Europe that is actually situated in a real palace, giving it a totally unique imperial feel. It took months to carefully renovate and reconstruct this 167 square metres flat overlooking the magnificent park, the crown prince garden and the ‘Gloriette’, symbol of Schönbrunn.


Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, salon, living room and kitchen are all designed in an elegant black-white-gold combination; the white furniture with red silk cushions and décor resembles the Maria-Teresa era of the castle. Guests can choose different packages for their exquisite stay, ranging from the more affordable Residence Packages to Honeymoon Packages that include limo service and champagne; and top-notch Royal Suite and Imperial Suite packages that include a butler, private chef and private tours of the castle.


Read more on how to live like an emperor at Schönbrunn Palace, click here, and also find the palace on Facebook here, for all their wonderful updates. 

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