Best Beach Huts: Carriacou

Best Beach Huts: Carriacou

Beach Essentials

Where: Tiny island off the coast of Grenada, Eastern Caribbean
When: August for the Regatta – pleasant to visit all year round
Happenings: Great art, kite flying, schooners, festivals and hiking
Remember to Bring: Plenty of time

Where It’s At

Carriacou is an attractive island of green hills descending to sandy beaches. A trip to Carriacou provides a glimpse of an unhurried, unspoiled island of natural beauty and spectacular views. The famous painter Canute Caliste still lives and works on the island and his paintings, owned by the Queen amongst others, are inspired by a meeting with mermaids and depict the naive scenes of Carriacou (kite flying, launching schooners and festivals). The culture of the island is a mix of traditional West African, French and Scottish.

Where To Stay

The beach hut bungalows on Carriacou beach were designed as dormitories for marine biology students and have since been coverted into gauche, colourful hotel rooms.

Getting Around

Catamaran is a great wait to travel around the island and the Silver Beach Resort offer Catamaran day sails for $50.


During the first weekend of August, the Carriacou Regatta is held, a festivals of watersports and attractions. This was started as a display of the boatmakers schooners, developed by a Glaswegian and still made by hand by islanders.

Best Beaches

– Carriacou’s finest beach is at Anse La Roche, a scenic but undeveloped area and a site for smuggler’s coves with spectacular views across to the moutain terrains of Union Island.

– Petit Carenage Bay, which has coarse, coral sand, good swimming and modest surf in some conditions.

More Information

Grenada & Carriacou
Excursions and trips on the greanadine islands.

Grenada Tourism Offices

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