Best Food Markets: Cheng Du, China

Best Food Markets: Cheng Du, China

Shopping Essentials

Where: Cheng Du, Sichuan, South west China
In Store:
 Spicy foods and exotic fare
Essentials: Spicy oils and sauces
Go for: Noisy, bustling atmosphere – stinking and succulent aromas.

Where It’s At

Cheng Du is the capital of the Sichuan province in the cultural centre of south-west China. Although like most Chinese cities it has become more affluent in recent years, a stroll through the city’s back-streets discloses vibrant markets selling food, fresh produce and everyday goods, as well as crafts peddled by local artisans.

Foods to Find Here

Sichuan is renowned the world over for it’s spicy cuisine and incredible variety of dishes. The produce on offer at the food markets in Cheng Du reflect the unique tastes of the Sichuan people. Typical foodstuffs include sesame oil, spicy chicken, pork, duck, garlic & ginger, bean curd, rice dishes and a bewildering array of sauces and much, much more exotic fare which is quite strange to the unaccustomed Western palate.

As few people in China have refrigerators, all the food at the markets is brought in fresh. You can even cook up a snack yourself at stalls which invite passers by to select their own ingredients and place them in hot woks sizzling with hot, spicy oil.

More Information

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By Jess Halliday

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