Boracay Beach

Boracay Beach

Beach Essentials

Where: Panay, Palawan Islands, The Philippines
When: May is a hot season, avoiding typhoons whilst still attracting tycoons
Happenings: Horse riding, water sports, multicultural food, shimmering white beaches
Remember to Bring: A temperament to be indulged and relax in tropical luxury

Where It’s At

The Philippines are a chain of 7,000 islands, constituting the longest broken coastline in the world. Boracay is a small island just 5 miles long and one mile wide. It’s located towards the western centre of the chain, and can only be reached by outrigger boat, some 3 hours sailing from Manila. It’s located on the north tip of Panay, in the Palawan Islands.

Boracay has been reinvented as something of a tourist resort, offering a paradise of white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue seas and cooling palm trees and opportunities for diving and water sports galore. The powdery surfaces of White Beach are said to glisten at night, making it part of the Tropicana appeal. Brits, Spanish and Germans have made Boracay a 2nd home which has led to widescale tourism development.

When to Go

May is towards the end of the summer months (December to May), during which typhoons don’t strike the islands.

Tropicana: Shilpa Mehta gets fruity in Boracay

image: Tropicana: Shilpa Mehta gets fruity in Boracay


Go horse-riding
Gallop along the white sands or explore the island with an experienced guide.

Go diving
Diving in Boracay is spectacular, with a variety of extraordinary marine life and excursions to suit everyone, from beginner to more experienced diver. There’s no shortage of dive shops from which to rent your equipment and organise your trip.

Stay in a beach house
Sleep with the sea on your doorstep and step out onto powdery sand at daybreak. 

Try Delicious Foods
Multicultural cuisine: Filipino, Thai, Belgian… and the real tropical fruit milkshakes are a must.

More Information
A useful tourist focused introduction to the island’s charms.

By Jess Halliday


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