Buenos Aires Shopping Guide

Known for its sophisticated lifestyle and high-quality goods, the Latin American city of Buenos Aires has quickly become one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. From commercial districts filled with the latest in international fashion, to bustling streets adorned with local brands, Buenos Aires certainly offers a spectacular shopping atmosphere.

Buenos Aires Shopping Guide

Buenos Aires Shopping Information


Getting Around

The quickest and most efficient form of transportation in Argentina is the subte or underground railway. There are six lines connecting each area of this populated city. Each ride costs 1.10 pesos, which is equivalent to $0.07.

If you prefer above-ground transportation, 24 hours buses are available (costing the same at a metro ride), as well as taxis which also won’t break the bank going for about $3-$10. Buenos Aires is also extremely walkable and bike friendly, with protected bike routs throughout many neighbourhoods.

Quick tip for Buenos Aires newbies: Nightlife here is incredibly popular, so plan on dinner hour being around 11pm and for stores to be open well past midnight.


The Argentine currency is peso and shares the ($) symbol with many other countries. There are many places to easily exchange your money and local currency can be withdrawn from ATM. Larger businesses would take credit and debit cards.

Foreign visitors are also eligible for reclaim tax or VAT on all domestically-manufactured purchases with a value greater than ARS $70.

Carrying small change is also a courtesy to smaller businesses that might not have change for large bills.

Shopping Districts

If you’re looking to fill your suitcase with the latest in Argentinean fashion, head to one of these fantastic neighbourhoods.


This destination is probably the most stylish and upscale of the barrios or neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. The buildings are inspired by glamorous Parisian architecture and the streets are lined with popular landmarks and the finest hotels. Recoleta is a wonderful destination for a day out – even if you aren’t looking for a place to shop.

If you are looking to splurge and indulge in a little exclusivity however, the seven blocks of Avenida Alvear is the perfect place to do just that. It serves as the home for many luxury boutiques of international and local brands as well as award-winning restaurants.

Recommended Local Store: Buenos Aires Design www.designrecolete.com.ar



If you are looking for someplace much more youthful and trendy, Palermo Soho is your ultimate shopping paradise. This is the largest barrio in Buenos Aires and caters to both locals and vacationers alike. The scene is quite traditional and bohemian, with many boutiques inhabiting Spanish-style homes set on cobblestone walkways.

Whether it’s a day out with girlfriends or a mother-daughter excursion, Palermo’s fresh and exciting culture will not disappoint.

Recommended Local Store: Dorina Vidoni’s Clothes www.dorinavidoni.com


 Leather Weather

If you’re in the mood to add to or start a leather collection, you’re in luck. Since the early 1600s, the leather industry is one of Buenos Aires most cherished and profitable. Here is a list of store to pop into if you’re looking to see some beautiful tailored pieces.



This Palermo boutique sells jackets and accessories that reflect modern design and innovation.

Milla Leather
Armenia 1532
Palermo, Buenos Aires


This gem in the Recoleta district sells detail-oriented pieces to complete any trendsetters’ outfit.

Avenida Alvear 1183
Recoleta, Buenos Aires


Looking to take a tango lesson? Pick up a pair of custom handmade shoes ready within 2 weeks. 

Suipacha 263
Downtown, Buenos Aires

“Calle por Rubros”

There are many streets in Buenos Aires that are known for and specialize in certain goods and services that may or may not be easy to locate in other parts of the city.


Musical Instruments 

The Tribunales & Congreso Barrio – Sarmiento between Cerrito & Callao/ Talcahuano between Corrientes & Rivadavia

Recommended Shop:

Antigua Casa Nunez
Sarmiento 1573
Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Outdoor Equipment for Camping & Fishing

The Norte & Tribunales Barrio – Parana between Rivadavia and Marcelo T. de Alvear

Recommended Shop:

Hammer Camping
Parana 627
Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires


The Once Barrio – Lavalle between Pasteur and Pueryrredon

Recommended Shop:

The World Costume
Pueryrredon 480
Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires


Flea Markets

Have an eye for bargains and antiques? Visit one or more of Buenos Aires vibrant markets.


San Telmo Market 

This twelve-block vintage wonderland is a must-see destination. Merchants and small businesses have been calling this place home every Sunday since its birth in 1970. Thousands of locals and visitors flood the streets to immerse themselves in the 270 booths that line the streets. Whether you’re looking for clothes, jewellery, home goods, music, or unique Argentine treasures, this market is truly a gem of the city.

12 blocks sound daunting? There are plenty of cafes and restaurants, whether you want a quick bite or a recharge.

Hours: 10am to 5pm every Sunday

Transportation: Catedral stop – Linea D 

San Telmo Flea Market
Defensa 1098
San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Parque Centenario Market 

If you’re looking for an ‘off the beaten path’ destination that isn’t totally touristy, then put this market on your to-do list. Located in a one of Buenos Aires’ many parks, this quaint market is the perfect place to pick up traditional Argentine pieces including clothes, perfumes, and décor. Feria Artesanal is a great way to experience the city’s less developed culture.

Don’t let this underdog bazaar fool you; there are more than 300 stands for you to get lost in, so this market is most certainly not a place to go if you’re short on time.

Hours: 12pm – 7pm every Saturday & Sunday

Transportation: Parque Centenario stop – Linea G

Parque Centenario
Avenida Diaz Velez 4800
Caballito, Buenos Aires 

Paseo El Retiro Market 

This market is located in one of Buenos Aires’ wealthiest neighbourhoods and gives visitors and locals a total cultural experience. What sets this shopping piazza apart from the ones previously mentioned is that it combines the aspects of a county fair with that of a flea market. Buyers and sellers can not only entertain themselves with the booths filled with antiques and handmade gems, but with live musical performances, carnival and arcades games, and for the kids – inflatable bounce houses.

This market is perfect for the whole family and a must-see for any visitor. Plus if you’re feeling famished you can indulge in the city’s best barbequed meats.

Hours: 12pm – 7pm every Saturday & Sunday

Transportation: Retiro stop – Linea 2

Paseo El Retiro
Rosario Vera Penaloza 613-649
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

“The Bookshop Capital of the World”

Home to more than 734 bookstores housing both newly-published and vintage texts, Buenos Aires had been dubbed a book lovers dream.


El Ateneo Grand Splendid 

Once a theatre designed by acclaimed Italian architects in 1919, El Ateneo bookshop is now one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. Filled to the brim with over hundreds of thousands of books ranging in topics from Romance to Science, this piece of history has attracted one million visitors and bookies every year. Although most of their books aren’t in English, it is still worth a quick pop-in, perhaps even to just grab a cup of coffee at the café or snap pictures of its grand ceiling.

If you’ve brought your own texts, its worth waiting for a spot at one of the reading nooks housed where the box seats used to be.

Hours: 9am-6pm Monday to Friday (Closed on the Weekends)

El Ateneo
Avenida Santa Fe 1860
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires

Dain Usina Cultural 

For a more adult library experience, head to this bookstore In Palermo Viejo, a subdivision of the popular shopping district. This relatively new bookworm heaven comes complete with a rooftop bar and live music most days. It is a great place to come for lunch and start a new read or meet up with friends after work.

Hours: 12pm – 8pm Monday to Friday (Closed Saturdays and Sundays)

Dain Usina Cultural
Nicaragua 4899
Palermo, Buenos Aires


Need help planning your trip to Buenos Aires?

Visit their official tourism website and use their planner to create your perfect itinerary.


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Written by Savannah Chinelli, intern for Pilot Production HQ in London

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