Come back in time with us and travel to the 70’s!

The hair was big, the outfits were hot, but even bigger and hotter were the planes, trains, fast cars and the Space age – this was travelling in the 1970s.

Come back in time with us and travel to the 70's!

‘70s free spirited baby-boomer Dean Cycon hosts these one hour episodes celebrating a truly golden decade in travel.

Gallivanting across the USA and Europe, Dean explores the modes of travel that made the 1970s so uniquely entertaining. From inter railing across Europe to backpacking across America, using archive and reconstructions to recapture the spirit of the ‘70s.

“Travelling in the 1970s” is packed with interviews featuring hitch-hikers, hippies, Vietnam veterans, cultural commentators, classic car collectors and many children of the ‘70s reminiscing about their family road trips across the Interstate.

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