Copenhagen – A Winter Wonderland

If you’ve got a spare weekend in the winter and are looking for some Christmas spirit, Copenhagen may be the place for you. From drinking Gløgg (Danish mulled wine) to exploring the endless Christmas market shops, there are plenty of holiday themed activities to enjoy.

Copenhagen - A Winter Wonderland

Copenhagen isn’t necessarily the first city that comes to mind when one thinks of Christmas, but it is definitely a contender for one of the nicer holiday spots. If you’d like to stray away from some of the more popular destinations, take a quick trip to Copenhagen and enjoy your Danish adventure!

Copenhagen, Stephen Hume

Copenhagen, Stephen Hume

One of the first things you’ll notice when touching down in Copenhagen are all of the lights that come to life at night. The shortest day in Copenhagen lasts just 7 hours. Everyone loves decorating with light strands and other Christmas decorations, and the whole city atmosphere radiates warmth and spirit. This is reflected in the local citizens too, who are all very kind and welcoming to tourists. Another interesting aspect to the city was just how peaceful it feels. While of course there are plenty going about their business and enjoying the Christmas spirit, there is never an overwhelming amount of people. Finding quiet areas away from the bustle during your adventure will not be too difficult and might be exactly what you need from time to time.

Copenhagen, Stephen Hume

Copenhagen, Stephen Hume

However, before you get too invested in the Christmas season, consider checking out some of the other fantastic attractions that Copenhagen has to offer:

  • If you’re fond of nature, go ahead and visit the national aquarium Den Blå Planet. It is the largest aquarium in northern Europe containing seven million litres of water as well as over 20,000 animals. If you take the metro from central Copenhagen it will take you right around a half hour to make the trip so it is easily doable in the morning or some other time during the day.
  • History lovers should definitely take a visit to Amalienborg as well to enjoy the architecture and museum on site. It consists of four identical palaces around an octagonal courtyard and has a gorgeous view of Frederik’s Church just down the road. After that you can also check out Rosenborg Castle which sits just next to The King’s Garden or the star shaped 17th century fortress, Kastellet.
  • Another famous spot that is a must-see is the The Little Mermaid statue near Kastellet. This iconic statue is a symbol of Copenhagen and has an interesting history that is definitely worth looking into. It also recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary as it was unveiled in 1913.
Copenhagen, Stephen Hume

Copenhagen, Stephen Hume

Once you’ve finished exploring these great places that the city has to offer, it’ll be about time to dive into the Christmas markets. The great thing about Copenhagen is that you can easily find markets just by walking around. They are very easy to spot and there are plenty of them as well, so it is definitely doable to visit a few in one evening. Here is a list of some of the more well-known markets:

Nyhavn Christmas Market

This harbor front market is an iconic setting in Copenhagen with colorful houses and cobbled walkways as well. Drink some hot chocolate by the canal or have a festive dinner before heading over to The Playhouse for a performance.

Højbro Plads Christmas Market

This fancy market has over 18,000 lights and is in a nice location near some great streets for shopping. Nearby is the lavish Christiansborg Palace so if you’d like to feel royal then go take a tour.

Christmas Market at Kongens Nytorv

Kongens Nytorv is in the heart of Copenhagen and provides the perfect traditional Danish experience. Drink some gløgg and browse the shops for some holiday gifts.

Carlsberg Christmas Market

The Carlsberg Brewery likes to enjoy the holidays as well and for a few weekends before Christmas will set up a market. People are free to come along and enjoy the unique setting while drinking glasses of specially mulled beer.

Christmas in Tivoli

The Christmas celebration in Tivoli Gardens may be Copenhagen’s most well-known holiday event. This massive amusement park in downtown Copenhagen transforms into a true winter wonderland from mid-November to early January. You can take a ride on different roller coasters, enjoy a show at the open-air theater, take care of some Christmas shopping, and so much more. Tivoli is a place filled with wonder that you can easily spend hours in. Just make sure to bundle up as the winter gets colder!

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By Stephen Hume