Cuba and Haiti: Where to Stay

A couple of off the beaten track location treasures...

Cuba and Haiti: Where to Stay

Celia Sanchez’s Resort in Vinales, Cuba

This resort was built by Celia Sanchez, who was Fidel Castro’s secretary and lover. Celia lived up in the mountains with Fidel during the Revolution, and she was quite a nature lover, which could explain why she would build a resort in the trees in the forest, where almost no Cubans visit! This also explains why it is almost always deserted, despite being allowed to camp in the huts for free. However, there is no running water, electricity or even bedding, which may be another reason why this resort is more of a ghost town than a happening holiday destination.

Hotel Oloffson, Port au Prince, Haiti

Hotel Oloffson, Port au Prince, Haiti

Oloffson Hotel, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Built in the late 19th Century, The Oloffson is the most famous Hotel in Haiti and has been immortalised in a novel called The Comedians by Graham Greene. It’s a traditional rock-star style hotel and has a guest list to match its reputation. Mick Jagger, Marlon Brando and Noel Coward are just some of the high profile guests that enhance the status of The Oloffson. A huge and decadent veranda creates a friendly atmosphere, because this is where all the meals are served.

Located in Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti and a city that teems with activity of every sort. There are plenty of Churches, museums and classical architecture to please any history buff. The architectural style aptly named Gingerbread Architecture, which, as its name would indicate, is characterised by graceful balconies with Gothic designs and plenty of decorative lattices, which really creates that fairytale Gingerbread house impression. The Oloffson Hotel shows this architecture in its finest.

Room prices range from US $68.90 US for a standard room to US $112.90 for a suite. Check their informative website for up-to-date information.

The Oloffson Hotel, Haiti
P.O. Box 260
Haiti, W.I.
(011-509) 223-4000, 223-4101, 223-4102
Email the Oloffson Hotel

Located on the Junction of Rue Capois and Ave H Christophe.

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