Destination Of The Month: Mongolia

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Destination Of The Month: Mongolia

Mongolia, land of Genghis Khan, the Gobi Desert, and one of the remotest places on earth, is one of few remaining truly challenging destinations for independent travellers. It is also the most sparsely populated country in Asia, and the combination of these two factors make it one of the most unspoiled landscapes and cultures in the world. The Mongols are a friendly people, for whom tradition is of central importance. They maintain a unique and fascinating lifestyle, including residing in gers, performing throat singing, and celebrating ancient festivals.

Mongolia has an amazingly vast and diverse landscape, with mountains, lakes and deserts, supporting a fantastic array of wildlife. It also has an equally impressive history and is home to a significant collection of dinosaur remains, and the site of one of the world’s greatest empires, while its natural beauty is complemented by the beautifully restored Buddhist Monasteries.

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