Ghost hunting in Wales

Sometimes it's fun to get a little spooked, especially when it coincides with Halloween! This year we head to the UK to go ghost hunting in Wales!

Ghost hunting in Wales

Everyone loves a good ghost story, and even the most devout paranormal enthusiasts agree some of the best tales of terror hail from the United Kingdom.

This Halloween we’ve decided to explore wonderful Wales. Recognised on contemporary travel hit lists as being one of the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations, the country is also home to extraordinary and historical sites.

When history and intrigue collide, that’s when things tend to go bump in the night!

Here are three locations the National Trust have suggested travellers with a penchant for the paranormal should visit:



Penrhyn Castle

As you stand in the Grand Hall of this nineteenth-century castle in Bangor, in north Wales, be aware of your surroundings – stone faces peer down from stone columns and the shadows lengthen and change in late afternoon light.

It is said that pebbles are dropped upon unsuspecting visitors from above in the Grand Hall gallery – smooth, round and wet, as if they have just come from the Menai Strait!

This creepiest of castles is not for the fainthearted, but luckily for us, experts and witnesses alike all report the resident ghost here is friendly and harmless.

Penrhyn Castle offers ghost tours at the end of October, just in time for Halloween.

Penhryn Castle


Newton House at Dinefwr

Dinefwr Park is centuries old and Newton House itself dates back to Tudor times. Newton House is famous for its ghost stories and many of the people who work there today have witnessed unexplained phenomena, such as finding all the big window shutters closed and locked one morning despite the fact they are never closed because they are too high; an unexplained smell of pipe smoke in the servants’ basement, and other strange and chilling tales of wicked deeds and malicious intent!

Newton House recently featured on TV’s Most Haunted. The crew filmed a two-part episode claiming that the property is so haunted they had to come back! If you’re interested, make contact and ask about Dinefwr’s History & Hauntings tours.

Dinefwr Castle


Powis Castle and Garden

Powis Castle has witnessed many unexplained sights and sounds over its 700 years. It is an extraordinary medieval castle, fortress and now a grand country mansion with a rich and long history, located near Welshpool, mid Wales. However, visitors beware; some past inhabitants don’t seem to want to leave!

In the ballroom, there have been accounts of the piano playing by itself.

There’s also the eerie tale of a boy in old-fashioned dress walking across the ballroom floor and disappearing!

Then there’s the ‘woman in the mop cap’, who has been sighted standing at the foot of the bed of several guests. There is also a courtyard ghost, who enjoys tapping at the windows.

In the lavish Dukes’ room, there are accounts of a ghost dressed in a gold lace hat and waistcoat, who is thought to bring good luck.

Tall tales? Who knows – book a visit and decide for yourself!

Powis Castle


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Images courtesy National Trust. Feature image by Les Haines, [creative commons on Flickr] .


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